Thursday, January 23, 2014

I Don't Go To These Things, But I'm Going. So I Guess I Go To These Things.

I always only ever feel like writing, blogging if you will, when it's late and when I have to be up in a pre-determined amount of hours. 6 in this case. I know full well that Baby Ruth will likely wake up a few times between now and then so basically this all just means I'm a glutton for punishment and will be praying to the caffeine gods around the same time I should be taking a nap to make up for it. Naps, I miss those.

Tomorrow I'm going to a conference for people who design and create things and run blogs professionally amongst other endeavors. I've been a part of this world for 2 years now on the back end of things, and though I'm not sure how exactly I got there, I've been grateful for the work and thankful for the friendships and things I've learned and am still learning. I'm intimidated at the prospect of attending this conference because I am not artistic nor creative, in the way that people normally think about being artistic and creative that is. I don't draw pictures, I hate throwing parties, I am pretty damn good at taking iPhone pictures but my DSLR sits in a cupboard most of the time and I pull it out to take pictures of my kids every now and then because you know, THEY GROW UP SO FAST. And really, spending two days with people who create things, and wear nice clothes, and take beautiful pictures of those things and themselves and put it all on the internet for sale or inspiration or what have you…(I assume they don't sell themselves on the internet because that type of conference would be a horse of a different color), two days with people of such interests sounds like something I'd usually avoid and even roll an eye at. I'm good at that. I'm also good at sweatpants and watching network television, and eating, hooray!

But I'm going because I was gifted a ticket very generously, and I'm going to be friendly and meet people and fight the introverted extrovert urge to run and hide in a bathroom. The thing is, I'm good at what I do right now, but I feel like I have the potential to do some other pretty amazing things with my life eventually. While I have no clue what those things are, I keep waiting for inspiration to strike and I know that someday it will, and in the meantime, listening and learning from other people who've taken the leap and found success is probably a step in a progressive direction. You know how much I love progress, right? Sure.  

Plus, my mom always says that I need to give new things a chance and to stop being so negative all the time. Whatever, Mom. Not like you know what you're talking about ever.


La Yen said...

you have ten zillion things to offer. And wear the sweatpants.

{natalie} said...

you have this in the bag.

Jill Mansfield said...

I just really like you. That's all.
(Hope you had some fun.)

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

I love your words, that's all I need.

Naomi said...

I love your blog! ♥