Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Out Like A Lion

10:25 on New Year's Eve.

December really punched me in the face this year, to cap off what I guess were 11 previous months of backwoods style survival. Assuming the backwoods have grocery stores, fountain Dr. Pepper, the city pool, iPhones and Target. I realize I've come a long way since the Wyoming ranch upbringing of my youth...

It's been a good year, and a hard year. But I don't know a lot of good things that aren't generally earned the hard way so I guess I came by it honest. It was the year of Baby Ruth, barfing through the first 1/3, watching and feeling my bod contort to magnificently round proportions in the second 1/3, and finishing out the final 1/3 with a perfect new baby, a crap load of lonely days and long nights, and a holiday season that felt like it was never going to end. I'm grateful, I am. Mostly that it's over. I'm also glad that I know that these seasons in our lives pass just as quick as the real ones. Paul won't be in school forever (I hope), we will see each other before the sun goes down again. I will, someday, sleep in more than 3 hour increments, and pee won't always be puddled on the floor in one or all of the bathrooms of this house. Or maybe it will. I'll pray about it.

Here are things I'm thankful for:
1. My car. Old Blazey keeps plugging along with the check engine light burning bright and the front differential leak dripping solid as ever. We just can't quit each other and that's all right with me. The kids are a little crammed but I've never been so grateful to have her paid for as I have been this year. She/He (I'm not really sure on the gender) treats me good.

2. Financial Aid. Ah, the benefits of heading back to school with a wife and three kids in tow.

3. Baby Ruth. That baby is solid gold, or maybe I'm just enamored enough to look past all the typical exhaustion/sleepless/babies are work stuff. I love him so much, my Instagram feed proves it.

4. Those other two children. They're pretty great too. Can you believe the Nub goes to kindergarten this year? I say that like you care, because I do. I'm too young to have a kid in kindergarten. Guess it's time for my midlife crisis. Triple, if he doesn't give me a stroke before I turn 40, I'll be a monkey's uncle. But I sure love him, and the blueberries he smeared all over my couch while I was in the shower.

5. These parents and in-laws and siblings of mine.

6. Friends. Such good friends. I've waited my whole life to have the kind of friends I have right now and I feel just lucky. They feed me, clothe me, love my kids, care for them if needed, and basically just show up, sometimes with a frosty bev. That's love.

7. Paul. He works hard, he rides the train, he goes to school, works on the weekends too, teaches Gospel Doctrine, and still has time to do the dishes before he passes out cold every night, dead to the world style. I love him. I'm proud of him.

There's lots more to add but my eyes are burning and I need to put myself to bed before my golden baby wakes up and yells at me for food or comfort. Babies are such selfish jerks sometimes.

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Hello, 2014! I hope this is the year I finally get rich and skinny. HERE'S TO THE POWER OF THE SECRET, I'm coming for you.

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Jill Mansfield said...

We've done the husband in school thing. It does end. I promise.