Friday, November 29, 2013

Holiday Cards Are My Favorite

You know I love me a good Christmas card. Getting snail mail any time of the year is my favorite, but getting a whole grip of snail mail is even more my favorite, which is why the holidays are the friggin' happiest time EVER. Okay, maybe not ever. But they are in the top quadrant of my happy times configuration.

I just barely pulled my shizz together and sent out Baby Ruth's birth announcements a few weeks ago. I should have just combined that business with holiday cards because I used all the best pictures of my children looking calm and angelic and now I'll have to figure out how to get more taken so I can further exacerbate that misrepresentation. But that's the whole point of holiday cards anyway, right? Yearly smuggery and showmanship? Look at us! My kids are the cutest! We are winning at all the things, me especially! I've had 3 babies and my thighs don't touch! (LIES LIES LIES). Oh bless, I don't care. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH ANYWAY! Get in my mailbox, cards. And just so you know, my thighs rub worse than ever thanks to the extra THIRTY pounds I seem to be storing for the long, hard winter ahead. If you need me I'll be in a cave hibernating (watching tv) with some carb laden baked goods and a frosty bev, and all your holiday cards to keep me company.

Anyway, you should check out the holiday card selection from Minted because they have about a million awesome options, none of which are lame thanks to their community of creative professionals who design, compete, and contribute some pretty amazing stuff.
I mean, actual gold foil? Bananas! 

You should read up about their story, it's pretty cool. Holiday cards are just the tip of the Minted iceberg, really!

I'd show you which ones I'm considering but that'd circumvent the whole point. Let's just hope I do a little proofreading this year after I slipped an extra vowel onto the end of Nub's name last year and didn't realize it until I pulled one out to start stuffing envelopes. Threat level: Genius.


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Emily said...

You also love Valentine's (or Easter depending on how together my act is) right? ;)