Monday, March 26, 2012


Somehow I've managed to sneak away. Just me, alone, in my room. This never happens for more than maybe 3 minutes before someone comes beating on the door and calling "Mama, MAMA. COME WIPE ME," or something like that.

But not now.

I can hear the water running upstairs for the tub, Grandma Connie (bless her soul) is wrangling Triple after a particularly foul diaper. I came downstairs to get his jimjam's, but got distracted by my aloneness instead.

Never mind. It's over.

*le sigh

Thursday, March 8, 2012

not dead, just tired

Paul keeps yelling at me to write a post. So hey Paul, here's a post.

We are still leading separate lives. Me in Sanpete, he in SLC. We had a house (brand new, BRAND NEW) under contract for about a week, and then found out our financing was going to take longer than planned and reluctantly had to let it go. So that sucked.

Other stuff that's happened in the last month or so:

#1. I got glasses, because I'm old now. Also because my entire life is spent staring at either my computer or iphone screen and the headaches were getting out of control.

#2. This happened. Not cool. Lucky it wasn't terribly expensive to replace/repair. 

#3. This one had 2 ear infections in the past month which was extra special and fun. He is also now sporting a big boy haircut thanks to an unfortunate bang trimming incident that left him looking a little too like Lloyd Christmas for my taste. He's almost 18 months old which probably means I need to figure out a way to ditch the binkie. That's a mountain I just don't feel like climbing yet. He also woke me at 5 am today and then proceeded to take a 3 hour mid-morning nap which has effectively thrown off my entire day. THANKS KID. Nevertheless, I love him so. 

#4. Took this one sledding for the first time. He dug it in a major way even though his snow pants were two sizes too small and his gloves kept flying off. He misses his dad during the week in a big way. Has also developed a recent interest in artwork and drawing faces, loves to play games on Super into "Wild Kratts", a cartoon about grown men with creature powers, whatever those are. 

#5. Paul works more than any person should ever have to. And he went back to school this semester too. Looking forward to the day when we can pull our king size bed out of storage and sleep more than a foot apart from each other again (the bed at his parents' house is a full, the one at my parents' is a queen, it's just not right) while living under the same roof. We ALL miss him during the week.  

#6. We paid both our cars off. I just think that's cool. Car payments are for losers. 

So pretty much we're just in a holding pattern to see where the next few months take us. I drive a million miles a week between SLC and Sanpete, and let's just say my kids are now used to living out of a suitcase- meaning the Nub has finally stopped asking when we're going home. But in the meantime we are extremely well fed and well cared for, so being homeless isn't so bad after all. I just keep reminding myself that I CHOSE THIS DAMMIT!


Is it summer yet? I want to go to the pool.