Monday, February 13, 2012

we got buried, did you?

My hair is greasier than a bucket of KFC right now. I ran out of dry shampoo-waiting to get some quality replacement (I heard this stuff was the business), but until then I should probably wash my hair more or get a better pony tail going on. I have an appointment with Caitlyn on the 28th to get these hairs did up so yeah, it's pretty cool. 

You guys, it's been a pretty bat shizz crazy few weeks, but in a good way as far as bat shizz is concerned. I started a new work venture on top of the freelance stuff that I've been doing that I'm pretty stoked about. I still have all the flexibility in the world, meaning I can wear sweatpants and no bra all day if I so choose (which most often I do), while I continue to work from home. My kids are overjoyed that they still get to watch copious amounts of cartoons and wreck crap while I dink around on the computer and throw food at them all day. I'm just kidding, mostly. But really, I'm pretty lucky I'd say. Things have a way of working out exactly as they should. 

We finally picked the least douchy real estate agent we could find and started seriously looking at houses. The first 3 we went through on Saturday were pretty meh, but I have high hopes for the future. Casa de Verbie is waiting, I can feel it. It's been snowing like crazy, FINALLY, to the point that the power was off down here for about 6 hours today. Sanpete does not have the most reliable power company, shocking I know. My kids aren't feeling so hot, Triple has been running a fever since yesterday, and we spent the day cooped up and bored. I get crabby every time I know Paul has to leave us for another week and today was no exception even though he let me sleep in until almost 10. I start fights when I feel anxious. Sorry about that my love (er? EW), I'll skype you on Balentime's Day (as the Nub would say) and show you just how sorry I am (DOUBLE EW). 

I won't lie, being apart really sort of sucks so all you military wives and wives of husbands who travel a lot, I tip my greasy hair covering hat to you. 

I want to do something Valentine-y with my kids. Guess I should hit up Pinterest and see what's shaking. I read a really interesting article about how yes, Pinterest is great, but people aren't getting credit for their images and work with all the re-pinning and lack of linking and not crediting the originator which I think is pretty lame. So here's your tip of the day: when you re-pin something go back and link to the original post or website to give credit. It not only helps drive traffic to their site and gives them their proper due, but you will find it helps keep your boards cleaner by eliminating bogus/broken links and pins. Be a friend, credit your pin!

And now onto this week's installment of "my kids are seriously cute": 

I will look at these pictures tomorrow to make myself feel better after Triple keeps me up all night tonight with his fevering and sickleyness. Those are totally real action verbs okay? 

*10 points for those of you who can accurately count how many times I said something was "pretty ______"

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

angel baby love

she showed up Suday night
2 hours before her due date
right on time according to her mom


meet Page Connie

baby girl's got a good start with a name like that

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

cats are stupid

The moral of this story...
never return a redbox movie and find a stupid cat wandering around
dodging cars and people
because it will come home with you
your kids will like it
your dog will hate it
you remember that you hate cats
so you should hate it

meet Gas Station Cat (GSC)

who has taken up (temporary) residence in the garage

on a related note, anyone want to adopt a cat?