Monday, October 22, 2012

Let's Talk About Pants, Man


I've probably been watching too much Yo Gabba Gabba with my kids lately because it seems like every sentence I write starts with Yo! Newsflash Kalli, it's not 1997 anymore but WHO CARES!?

Anyway. If you're reading this online maybe you've noticed I'm changing things up around the old MLAK blog. It's a work in progress but overall I'm pretty stoked with the way things are looking. Maybe I'll start posting more, in the mean time don't hold your breath.

Catch me over at Petit Elefant today talking about how Lee jeans aren't just the makers of good old fashioned mom jeans anymore. Spoiler alert, their new skinnies are pretty bombtastic. Bonus: me in red lipstick posing awkwardly! You don't want to miss it (or maybe you do)!


Emily said...

Love a makeover and your site's is looking fab! Headed over to check out the non-mom jeans from Lee. Still don't believe it. ;)

{Erica} said...

The link over at petit elefant isn't working for was this morning but now when I want to comment it's not. So I will comment here :)

I will hesitantly give these a go...I just can't seem to separate "mom jeans" and Levis. I'm gonna go even more off my comfort level path and not only get some Levi's but a jegging!!! WHAT?!!

Do they run true to size? Keep their shape or do they look like your crotch is has now located down to your knees by the end of the day?

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

Maybe after this pregnancy I will rethink Lee jeans. "What Not To Wear" lady's commercial didn't convince me, but they work for you so maybe they aren't the stiff, no-shape jean of old. Sounds like a fun trip too.