Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Broke As A Joke

September was one of THOSE months. There was a little of the good mixed in with the not so good but we pushed through and then October hit hard with this:

Diagnosis: broken tibia AND fibia in the right leg
That happened Monday when The Nub was standing on one of our our tall kitchen chairs and his brother lovingly gave it a shove, causing his leg to slide out the back of chair and said tall chair to come crashing down on top of it with all his body weight. Snap, scream, boom - a twofer in the broken bone department.

It's Wednesday morning right now and we have an appointment with an orthopedic specialist who will hopefully set the bones back in place and give that leg some attention. The Nub has been 2 whole days now with no cast, and no pain medication other than ibuprofen every 6 hours. My mother heart is starting to develop a lot of feelings around my tough boy and his twice broken leg. 

Paul has been at school and working non-stop. Oh, and we had to tear up both side yards and our entire back yard after some backfill and sinkage issues. 

Step 1: remove sod you just laid a week ago

Step 2: get tractor you rented stuck because you tried to fix the damn problem yourself.
Note to self, NOPE.

Step 3: get car stuck trying to pull out the tractor that's already stuck. Ruin more sod. Cry.
Not pictured: Step 4, 5, 6, and 7- -call dad in tears to come rescue (he made it up in an hour), everyone gets unstuck.
Builder agrees to fix fill and compaction issues, yay builder!
We stay friends with builder.
Backhoe and Bobcats came yesterday with lots more dirt.

We still have to rake things out some more and lay the rest of the sod back down, but it's handled and mostly I just feel relief.

Who would the Verbies be if we didn't always do things the hard way?  



Melanie said...

2 things...

1- POOR Nub. I can't IMAGINE leaving a kid without a cast for 2 days! What IS that?

2- I thought WE were doing things the hard way. Holy crap. now I'm even MORE scared about putting in a damn lawn. :(

She-Davis said...

Poor little man :( And with 2 broken bones how in the world are the doctors making him wait for a cast! Lame. I hope he at least gets to pick a super awesome color.

Mrs. Organic said...

Double check with the doc after he gets the cast, but I think they don't like kids taking ibuprofen for bone healing purposes (in theory, it tends to slow down new bone growth in children) but use it for pain until they get him some better stuff. Poor guy, what a champ!

And suck about the yard, but I'm glad it's fixed.

Emily said...

Oh, that poor, poor Nub! Give him an extra hug (way far away from the leg of course) for me.

And isn't home ownership the awesomest?

Jaymerz said...

Poor little Nub, hugs to him and you!! Sorry about the yard, no fun, but YAY for builders stepping in and fixing it.

mrs jp chaos said...

Goodness, girl. That is a lot going on. Hang in there!!!

Emily Anne said...

Hope that little leg heals up good and fast and straight.