Thursday, July 5, 2012

I have a schload of work to do tonight but instead I'm browsing the internets and eating oreos because I am nothing if not productive I tell you. Sometimes one must decompress before one gets down to business.

Guys, I love you. All maybe 12 of you who regularly read these writings anymore. It's been a good time; 5 years and I doubt I'll ever stop just because the internet hath given me such a forum and as such I must go forth and broadcast my inner thoughts and outer workings. Except I hardly share my inner inner thoughts because they would probably terrify you all and certainly horrify my mother.

Here's what we've been up to lately:

the Nub drew me a picture of "a guy"... and then my heart exploded

the only working t.v. in our house is currently located in my bedroom, so this is where we watch the toons

every Sunday (it seems) I be making the caramel corn
on a related note, my weight resolution is not going so well

Not pictured but otherwise noted:

the pool, 3 sometimes 4 times a week
not finishing our yard, wheee!!!
eating copious amount of watermelon (copious is one of my favorite words)
trying not to kill Gus

and that's about it.

Me and my two sidekicks are constantly on the run and I just kind of love those little midgets. They make my heart go boom boom and I wonder all the time how I ever got so lucky? SCHMALTZ ALERT. 

And now, time to make the donuts. 


Vanessa Brown said...

I need to make friends with someone who owns a pool. I can't do the rec center pool---swimming in pee, floating bandaids, and getting kicked in the face by stinky kids. I miss the pool this summer. Also send me instructions on that corn.

Lindsey said...

We have the same bedspread!!!
The proof is in the puddin...
Not that you didn't believe me and stuff. Just saying.
Thanks for still bloggin. Maybe one of these days I'll stop rocking myself sane in the corner and pick it up again. Sigh.

coryshay said...

Me! I'm still reading! Just slowly... I'm barely getting through my inbox from about 2 weeks ago... I tell ya, I run a tight ship around these parts.

But really, I still dream about your caramel corn.