Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dropping The Ball

I've lost control of most everything time and organization related these past few months. 


I can't seem to make myself go to bed at a semi decent hour (it's effing 1:11am, last night it was 2:30), the boxes in my basement are still loaded with stuff begging for a permanent home. I've forgotten about swim lessons and other important things repeatedly. I can't give anyone a straight answer or commit to anything. There's a lot of I can't, okay maybe, yeah, we'll see. In one ear, straight out the other.

Don't take it personally guys. It's just that my summers are sort of sacred and schedules are kind of binding. I do them well in the darker months, when that sort of thing is necessary, but these sunny days and breezy nights call for freedom. Sleep 'till 10? Okay! Cereal and popsicles for dinner at 9:30 at night? Nutritious AND delicious. You should see the ring of dirt around the kids' tub, it's proof of a summer well spent. Lately in this heat we've been laying low, and the Olympics are on which is you know - awesome. Last time the Olympics were on I was 10 months pregnant waiting for my Nub. And then he came a week early and we watched the last few days of competition in the hospital. He turns 4 in 14 days and heads to pre-school in September. 

Sunrise, sunset.

I think I can get with it soon, the program that is, but until then this works just fine.


Emily said...

Having a schedule of any sort during the summer is sacrilege.

Emily Anne said...

Thanks for your sweet comment, kalli - sunshine, it was.
And I feel just the same about summer. Wait til your Nub's in school...the summer sentimentality soars to new heights.

Wish we could do Popsicles & cereal with you one evening, and visit til the sun disappears. xo

Unknown said...
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coryshay said...

I gotta get me some popsicles for dinner. It's almost as good as Target popcorn for lunch.

Sarah McKim said...

Love it! We live the same summer life, and it all comes to a close in 2 weeks! Sunrise, sunset.

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

I try making to do lists in the summer and I am lucky if I get 2 things done from the list. I just can't seem to focus during the summer.