Sunday, December 18, 2011

Is snow on the menu?

I just found this picture from last spring and my heart went boom boom a little bit
these babies, they grow so fast (sunrise, sunset, tiny violins)
and then they turn into this:

and even bigger into this:
"hey Mom, look at my big muscles"
excusi poor telefono foto quality

it's all nonsense, this motherhood gig
so much stress
so many nights without sleep
such a short temper
so often running out of ideas
so much wearing of birthday boots to make myself feel better for miserably failing at everything else

you like those thighs, I know you do...

I lost a little bit of my Christmas cheer over the last week or two, but I think it came back tonight. 

This week's top 10 to-do list:
#1. Wednesday, my Connie is coming up to stay the night. 
I love it when Connie stays the night and sleeps on my couch. 
Plans for her overnight stay include Zoolights and the gingerbread houses at Riverwoods
#2 watch "White Christmas" and "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation"
#3. Finish up Christmas shopping-just stocking stuffers and some last minute items of interest
#4. Friday means Paul is off for a few days. Happy Happy Joy Joy.
#5. maybe lights at Temple Square?
#6. Some baking. Because it's Christmas and I need to bake. 
#7. Christmas Eve with the rest of the Verbies. I like these people. 
#8. Christmas morning. Glory Glory Christmas morning
what should I make for breakfast?
#9. 1 hr Christmas church
#10. Christmas prime rib with my family


Laura said...

loving your birthday boots- fab!! i'm so sad it isn't looking like we will have a white christmas, boo!!! love your list...and it is reminding me of how little i have done this year, oops and crap!!! better get to it this week!

Kristina P. said...

I think we're also going to be having Christmas Prime Rib. Let the meat eating begin!

coryshay said...

Love your bday boots and your little munchkins (Please come drop them off tomorrow if it would help you!)

And speaking of your Connie... I made those brown sugar muffins this morning. Num!

Shar said...

No snow here either, homie!

And a fat baby in a toy car? I can't even handle it!

I McLove your birthday boots. Still. Good purchase.

{natalie} said...

prime rib for us too and a drive to the great state of MT on friday. whooooopie. i'm hoping for clear roads.

just put up some christmas lights in your kitchen and that will help you have some christmas spirit. at least it works for me.

ClistyB said...

how does one make prime rib? that sounds so much better than what we're having.
I throw you the suggestion of Pioneer Woman's sleepin in omelet for Christmas morning.

ClistyB said...

i mean i know what it is and all, it just sounds like itd be hard to make seeing as how it's usually amongst the pricier things on the menu.

Mrs. Organic said...

Oo I like this idea of Prime Rib on Christmas and the baking...yes, the baking.

Also, you make ridiculously adorable chilrens.