Wednesday, October 26, 2011

P-Town Represent

Back in September (?) Paul and I got a babysitter and headed to Provo (which has become one of my favorite places again) where we were introduced to Imagine Dragons who played the Rooftop Concert Series this year. Once I got over my annoyance at the throngs of precious baby BYU students blocking my view with their standing around, I stood up myself and appreciated what was going on.

You guys, they were so good. I am not hip to the music scene, not at all, and I was deeply digging what they were throwing down. Even though the frontman's pants were so tight I found it a little distracting, nevertheless I pressed through. 

Now I can't get this song out of my head, and I've decided that mandolins are where it's at.

I don't live in Provo, I haven't since college, and when I did I was lukewarm on the place. But for some reason I am proud of what they're doing over there, so proud. Downtown keeps getting better and better, the food really IS something to write home about, and I am certainly a patron of the Rooftop Concert Series -we attended 3 out of 6 shows. The icing on the Provo cake was when they announced that the burnt down tabernacle would become a temple and I cried. I suppose I have adopted the place, or it's moved in on me. Something. 

Anyway, that's all. Go Provo. Hope those Cougs can get it together. I miss Jimmer already.  

p.s. they are still raising funds for next year's Rooftop Concert Series. Go to their kickstarter page and donate, I did, with all of my monies. So much monies. Monies everywhere. Make it rain kind of monies. 


dalene said...

True that.

C. Jane said...

You know how much this post means to me right?

(thank you!)

Laura said...

Seriously, Provo is such a cool hipster place these days! How lucky for so many BYU students these days...

Jill K said...

Let's kick out the BYU students and live there together.