Friday, September 30, 2011

beef: it's what's for dinner

99% of the time I cook for my family during the week. I'm not tooting my horn, except I am, because seriously who ever would have thought those words could have come from my mouth? Not my parents I'll tell you that much. Just know that growing up my mom said "you'll want to know how to do this when you get older" on many occasions and every time I responded with a tourettes-worthy fit of eye rolling and the like. I'm sure the Cons appreciated it deeply, bless her soul. 

I cook out of necessity because guess what? It's cheaper to buy your groceries and make your own dinner, and because I am a crazy person who likes feeding my family good food. Weird. Also, some of my most treasured childhood memories revolve around the comfort food my Connie would make for us chiltlins, she is legendary in the kitchen I tell you, and though it may be a long shot, I hope one day my kids will feel the same way about my cooking. After all, with two boys I'll likely have two daughter-in-laws someday, and I would like to give those future daughter-in-laws a complex, because I take raising mama's boys very seriously. If that's not motivation, I don't know what is.  

Anyway, dinner. Tonight is beef and broccoli posted on Pioneer Woman and come my way via Nat (because I just really like her, you know). It was a major win by the way.  

this is my best "sexy in the kitchen and here is my chest in black and white" webcam photo, you're welcs

One of the best things about blogging for me has been all the recipe sharing that goes on, except you find something good but don't print it off and forget about it and then can't remember where you saw it and there went that idea. For a while there I even contributed to a recipe blog until we all got lazy and forgot about it. Then Pinterest (follow me? kallikverb) came along and make it ridikkulously easy to find, save, and sort aforementioned recipes. It's the greatest invention of ever. All of the other stuff on Pinterest can be a bit much, a lot much, but for organizing bookmarks and recipes it's the bees knees. Yes, I just said that. I also keep a 3 ring binder full of recipes I've printed off cased inside plastic sheet protectors and I flip through those for dinner ideas too on top of my family cookbooks, my America's Test Kitchen cookbook, Taste of Home, Ina Garten, church ones and a couple of others. It's also helpful if you write down notes on the recipes you have hard copies of for reference's sake. Sometimes you have good shortcuts you'll think you remember, but the truth is you won't unless it's right there in the margin! I have a boatload of recipes thanks to my friend Whitney, you may have once known her as Rookie Cookie, and soon to be great cookbook authoress. For serious though, she is taking Rookie Cookie down in 2 weeks because of her new project and you should start printing off all her stuff like crazy. Try the beef shortribs, they're amazeballs. 

Look at me all acting like I'm such a superior meal planner and stuff. Truth? I go in phases. Sometimes I'm on my game, other times...meh. All summer long we flew by the seat of our pants. However, colder weather calls for action to avoid me spiraling down a pit of despair with Wendy's takeout every night at rock bottom. I've been planning my meals on Sunday, putting them in my google calendar, complete with links if any, and then posting "what's for dinner" on the chalkboard in my kitchen. Not gonna lie, it really helps if I have a game plan. Guess what else, you can look back over your calendar to see what you ate in previous weeks and decide if you want to repeat. Did I blow your mind right there? I'm guessing yes. 

Anywho, this is probably nothing new to you overachievers who already have a handle on this whole "feeding your family" schtick. I'm thinking I'll probably post my weekly menus on here anyway, because this stuff gets repetitive and we kitchen slaves can use all the help we can get, right? Right.

*Also, happy General Conferencing to my fellow Morms. Do I have an entire weekend menu planned around breakfast foods for the occasion? Yes I do. May we find ourselves physically bloated and spiritually fed. Amen.  


dalene said...

Since I am a slacker (and, apparently, an insomniac, too), I find myself quite impressed by your game plan. As for recipes, why is it that I have more cookie and dessert recipes than all the rest of the subjects put together?

p.s. Great pics! You're awesome!

GreerAnn said...

yes please! i have just started trying to cook more often and can use all of the inspiration i can get. share away!

Vanessa & Tyler said...

I am in a kinda meh phase because until october like....27th my life is crazy. So I buy turkey salads from kneaders too much. But I do love to cook! You know what I think would be fun is to do a bloggers who adore talking about food dinner party or one of those dinners where you go from house to house. i want to know what you are cooking for breakfasts!

Kristina P. said...

I've started cooking in the past month. I never used to cook because of my weird work schedule, but when I realized how much money we were spending eating out, I decided to make the change. It's been pretty good, but I have to find recipes I can make in advance and freeze, or set in the crockpot, so sometimes, that's a challenge.

{natalie} said...

i have to have a plan or i fail.

i write out the menu on sunday (and to tell the truth i grocery shop on sunday too. yikes) i write the menu on our white board on the fridge. then i also write it in my notebook of plans. including sides and notes like "take pork out of freezer" etc.

guess what we had beef and broccoli tonight too and it was delish.

next week i only have to get ready for 3 dinners b/c then we are going out of town. and i'm making us stop at chipotle before we hit the airport thursday night. boo-yah.

and i really like you too, thanks for the shout out.

Emily said...

So are you saying I might need to step it up a notch if our regular schedule of meals includes quesadillas, pancakes, tacos, Dino Nuggets and spaghetti? ;) I actually do want to get back to more cooking but keep throwing projects at myself that make it hard to see straight. Maybe I'll take a break after The Great Declutter and get back to real food. Finally.

TheOneTrueSue said...

OK I have never ever ever looked at Pinterest but you are finally motivating me to try it and follow you because I SO need recipes. I always get to the grocery store and then wander around aimlessly because I have no idea what to buy and what I would cook with it. We eat the same stuff over and over again. Horrible.

Yes, PLEASE post your weekly menus. And especially if they don't use a lot of fancy ingredients. We are simple folk.

coryshay said...

Physically bloated and spiritually fed is how I like to spend my Conferences. Cheers!

Brittney said...

I can't wait to see what you plan, and then copy you!

jessie said...

I need to be better about cooking more. I suck!

ps. Shar said she has so much fun with you guys and that your kids are just as darling in person as they are on the blog. :) Oh, and she want's to squish baby fatty fat...and so do i. :)

whitneyingram said...

You make me feel SPECIAL.