Sunday, May 30, 2010

CBC=Kalli fail

Well never mind about that...

I made it to all of about 4 hours of the CBC.

My boy came down with a fever, which morphed into tonsillitis, which found us at an urgent care at 8 pm Saturday night.  He doesn't get sick often, but I'll give the kid some credit... when he does he sure likes to go all the way.  Poor little Nublet spent the night in our bed with me, Daddy parked it on the couch.  Sleeping with a mini furnace draped all over you and trying to mentally steel your bladder into not exploding while you hold it for hours in order to avoid moving to keep that sick baby asleep, is not my idea of a good night.  But we have survived.  It's now Sunday afternoon and he's starting to perk up a bit.  As I type he's sitting next to me trying to eat some Play-Doh.  What is it about that junk that screams "PUT ME IN YOUR MOUTH!"?  I have no idea.

Anyway, because of all that I only made it to half a panel, didn't do much "networking", and pretty much have deduced that I suck at conferences.  I also found myself drawing blanks when other people were handing me their cards and asking for mine and I had nothing.  I just kept stumbling around saying "don't worry, you're not missing out, my blog isn't that great".  Ah, self deprecation, helping the ill-prepared cope socially for centuries.

Whatever.  I know the organizers worked extremely hard on getting that stuff together and to have almost 400 people show up for such an event is a huge accomplishment.  Bully to you my friends.  Well done.  Well done.  

I have some stuff brewing around in my head but it will have to wait for another day.  After all, it's taken me most of this one to get these few paragraphs out.  

Happy long holiday and Memorial Day to you friendies.  Let's hope this means summer is finally going to show it's stupid face around these parts.  


Kristina P. said...

I wondered why I didn't see you around much. I still appreciate you being my servant at the speaker dinner.

Emily said...

Hey, you got to be Kristna P's servant so you pretty much experienced the highlight of the conference. Sure missed you, though. I didn't get nearly enough Kalli this weekend...

veronica said...

At least you were there long enough to buy a cool new camera strap and make a new friend!
Hope the little guy is feeling better. Oh, and I'm pretty sure that Play-Doh is non-toxic so bon appetit!

alexis said...

at least we got to meet as you were running away from everyone and their business cards. so glad.

no but really. so glad.

dalene said...

a big fail here, too. as i didn't make it to anything, which is probably fine because i too suck at conferences and at networking. i was with family instead, which is where i needed to be. hope the nub is feeling fine soon.

and ps don't knock your blog. it's awesome. and people read it. and love you.

and i'm with you: kudos to the girls who put it all together and who built it so people did go.



Rochelleht said...

Um, I do too, cause I'm headed up there in less than a week. It's 98 here. I hear it's freezing there!

Sorry your babe was sicko. I hate that. I'm sure you were still super funny at that conference. And cute. What else matters, really?

Camille said...

But you WENT! And that's all everyone needed, even if it was just a little dose of Kalli.

I hope the Nublet is feeling better!

Geo said...

Your business card would have to be 3-D to really represent your blog.