Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a playlist for your Tuesday morning

This is for one of my internet girlfriends, Sue, a member of the Provo All Stars
on her blog she asked for new work out songs, or old workout songs that are awesome
so below I present to you a few currently in rotation on Black Mamba, my ipod
*WARNING-videos may feature some scantily clad young ladies backing it up
 so be warned


you're welcome

Glee- Bust a Move, cuz you want it, you got it!

Soulja-Boy Crank That, a slow jam with a dance move built in!

Coldplay-Viva la Vida featuring Chris Martin weirdy weird dancing!

MIA-Paper Planes something about shooting guns makes me get all crazy like

Nelly, I love Nelly, man I love Nelly

Salt and Pepa-a personal favorite of mine

The Darkness-cross dressing hair band weirdness

Postal Service, yes, every Postal Service song has beat worth moving too, good for running

and to close, a tribute to all my fat bottomed girls, you know how we do


sue-donym said...

You rock!

Thank you.

~j. said...

Um, word.

La Yen said...


Also, can I get a "Provo AllStars T shirt?"

Also, yes.

rookie cookie said...

Glee's Bust a Move was our theme song on the way to California in December. For some wierd reason, Jack loves that song.

And Fat Bottomed Girls is the prime work out song. So is Ludracris Money Maker. Look it up.

Vanessa said...

Ok I needed this.

It has been a shiznatty Tuesday.

Can I say that on your blog??
vanessa inevergrewup.net

Chelsea said...

thank you for taking me back to the year 2000 (Nelly) and 2002 (The Darkness). reminds me of DT and how it was *so taboo* to listen to these! hahahhahahah

Abbie said...

I seriously had a spiritual experience on the subway while listening to Such Great Heights followed by Your Ex-Lover is Dead (stars). It was so cool. Such great songs.

But the Darkness video wins! Awesome!

kjwoolf said...

It's all about The Darkness and Queen!

kjwoolf said...
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natalie said...

I heart Freddie Mercury. LOVE HIM.

Emily Anne said...

nice play list, KK.
my request: songs to get your clean on to.
Every time I clean, I want a soundtrack, but can never think of the right songs...

junebug said...

Um, seriously? THANK YOU. If I weren't sitting at my desk, I'd be lacing up my running shoes. Can't wait to get this on my ipod. You are a good person.

junebug said...

And p.s.? Amen about the shooting guns. There will be no sitting still.