Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's not Monday yet!

This day,

not my favorite.

But the fact of the matter was that it ended well.  I'm about to eat a peanut butter cookie, and my kid is happily asleep probably dreaming about those heart shaped York peppermint patties.  Seriously, he's addicted and it has nothing to do with me.  Or maybe he's dreaming about how he almost stabbed out my eye with a fork, missed by millimeters and now I have a gaping wound in between my eyes.  Okay maybe not gaping, but I lost some blood.  War wounds I tell you, leave me looking like a cyclops.  Or a tri-clops?


I need to send a special "thank you" to all of my internet girlfriends out there for helping spread the word on our little quilting project.  You who have sent emails, left comments, posted links, facebooked, voiced support, I heart you big time.  Like almost as much as I love my sweatpants.  Okay so you're a close to mid-distant second, but maybe if you BROUGHT me sweatpants to the quilting bee, or wore them there?  That would seriously up your "things Kalli hearts big time" status.

But really, thanks.  And those of you who are still reading this and not off watching your DVR'd Office re-runs, there is still time to put in your 2 cents.  I mean it's not 'til Monday, spread the word!  Come meet me and Sue and some of my other illustrious, funny, equally dedicated to consuming fine baked goods, and HOT internet lovers (you know who you are).  I have many, there is nothing monogamous about the internet after all. 

*sidenote, how much spam mail and weird google hits do you think I will get for typing out the words "internet lovers"??

ALSO, THE CONNIE WILL BE THERE, straight up and in the flesh, sewing her little heart out, because she is is a giver that one, and required to attend because I called her up and commanded that it should be so. AND, maybe my grandma too.  Me=posterity of their fruitful loins.  Gross, I never want to talk about loins and my Grandma in the same sentence ever again.

That's probably my cue to wrap this up.

In conclusion, refer HERE for details.  Also, batting specs I was given dictate 6 oz batting 48 inches wide.  I don't know much about batting but I do know when I called at JoAnne's they said they'd give a discount if you were purchasing for humanitarian, so you might want to ask about that upfront before you purchase.  If you have some just laying around then heck bring it in!

*There will be light refreshments served of course,  this is in a Mormon cultural hall after all.  You can't have a gathering without light refreshments.  Light refreshments in this case being my friend Melanie's wicked good cupcakes. 

If serving our brothers and sisters weren't reason enough for you to attend our little humanitarian fiesta, than by the hammer of Thor at least come for the cupcakes!

I rest my case. 

Not really, I'm sure I'll mention this again on Sunday.  Prepare thyself.  So it is written, so it is done. 



Abbie said...

Man alive, you make me laugh!

I wish I wasn't 2,200 miles away. Have fun. Can you send me a cupcake?

Dana said...

Kalli, I heart you. And I wish we lived in the same city, town, whatever. You crack me up, woman.

Emily Hill said...

When I grow up I hope I can make my readers laugh as much as you make me laugh. :) I'm hoping to be there but I'll have two kids in tow. You will have enough cupcakes, right? I'm not coming if you don't. Can I bring anything like some caffeine-free Coke or Sprite? Or perhaps some green Jell-O?

Jill said...

just finished laughing my guts out watching my dvr'd 30 rock and you're just keepin' it going with this post! ha!

glad the quilting bee is going so well...thanks again for the info you sent. hoping to get our event scheduled for next week or so.

natalie said...

Ew, ew!! Loins and grandmas!! EWWW!!

Have fun quilting and cupcaking!

Camille said...

I'll say it again - darn this full-time job! Sure wish i could help my brothers/sisters . . . and eat a cupcake or two... and hang with you and the Connie! Good times will be had!

Thanks for making my Friday ! :)

jolyn said...

I'd come just to see Momma Connie, you know, if I could.

Laura said...

Good luck with the quilting. I'd be there, but J. has a science experiment at school during the same time. I'll make treats for you to take if you'd like though. Let me know!

Shar said...

Wish I lived closer! :(

codik said...

Oh by the hammer of Thor I wish I could be there!