Sunday, January 17, 2010

I still love sweatpants best...

Today's churching outfit consisted of this skirt, a tuxedo ruffle button up, 3/4 length black cardigan, some secksy tights (along these lines), and of course a pair of peep-toe black patent leather mary jane wedges.

Too many adjectives? 

I don't care.  
And then some black liquid eyeliner.  Not chola style or anything like that, just a little zazzle for the sabbath you know?  Sorry, but liquid eyeliner is a tricky mistress.  Once false move and you're looking like you let your 17 month old at your face with a sharpie.  Yikes.  

But I tell you what, done right and suddenly I'm all minxalicious, ME-OW!

Sunday is my one day.  My one day for turning it on.  The other 6 days of the weeks are pretty much, if I shower than success.  But not Sunday.   

Am I the only churchgoing weekday shut-in who feels that way?  Who treats dressing for church like a pseudo fashion face-off (as much as you can have a fashion face off in Utah) and in her head rates herself against the other women her age and their outfits on a graduated scale?  Who congratulates herself when feeling particularly confident in her choice of ensemble that day?  Who, last week, spotted a fellow comrade in the effort wearing these fantastical baby pink knit pattern tights causing an instantaneous desire to own said tights and resulting in a frantic and thus far fruitless search to find them?

I realize this type of behavior is on par with something close to crazy.

But it's an outlet.  And Lord knows in this smoggy, friggin' freezing, middle of winter day and age we can all use one of those, right?

Tell me, how do YOU dress for church and more importantly, have you mastered liquid eyeliner yet?


Kim said...

Yes yes yes. Sunday is TOTALLY my day. It's the only day of the week I even wear makeup, and I am always guaranteed a shower and trying to look good on that day. Liquid eyeliner though? No way, it scares me too much.

AzĂșcar said...

I have mastered liquid eyeliner. Here is the trick: use a wet Q-Tip to tidy up if you get a little hasty.

ClistyB said...

I recently asked the MAC lady if I was the only one who had a hard time keeping the liquid off of my lower eyelashes during application...she looked left she looked right and told me there was no way to avoid that and to
keep trying.
Hey there's a Flickr group, bloganistas(?) they are posting daily outfits from the shoulders down. Too lazy to link it.
And yes, I fill my church block looking at the other outfits.

April Mitchell said...

I have been scared of liquid liner since age 15...maybe I'll give it another go though. I'm quite good with my pencil now and I'm fond of using a small wet angle brush dipped in dark eye shadow and applied at the lash lines-dark purple is my favorite. I do go all out on Sunday and wish more of the sisters did. I'm in Idaho now and I miss that about Utah, seeing what everyone is wearing. It's fun! Sometimes I daydream that all the sisters would just stay over at my house on Saturday night and we could have a slumber party complete with Sunday go to meetin' make-overs.

Ashley said...

Sunday is the ONLY day that I don't sport a slicked back, wet bun. Gross, I know. But this nun do is working out pretty well for my lazy trash. And negative on liquid liner. I always feel like a trashy 14 year old when I try it. I haven't mastered that one yet.

Luv your guts.

kkrich said...

youknow it better than anyone kal. me likey gettin' spruced for my church- its the one day i can really let my massive hair down.

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

I have never put on eye liner...I think I just heard half the bloggin' world *gasp*.

Jill said...

oh, i do love getting gussied up and these days church seems to be the only reason i have to do so. so, as much as i loath standing in the halls with my clingy-i-won't-leave-mom's-side-and-go-to-nursery-two-year-old-son, at least i look good doing it!

Keli said...

Okay, when I moved to Chicago, I totally thought the women of the Ward would be all super-stylish like, because they live in one of the most stylish cities around. Nope. Women here are wayyyy more stylish. Go figure. So I love being back and examining the latest Shades outfits.

I saw that skirt, and almost bought it because it was so cute. But alas, I am between sizes. Again. Not something I usually complain about in a good way! So I'll wait a couple of weeks, and try again.

I'm sure you looked right sexy.

coryshay said...

lol...I'm usually the opposite. I get dressed up for work everyday, and by the time Sunday comes it's like, really? I have to get dressed up? But you are secksy, that's for sure!

rookie cookie said...

Azucar is right. Qtip is the key.

In Southern Utah county, there isn't much competition to rate myself against. So basically, I look smoking hot every Sunday.

If it snows, women think that means they can wear snow boots with their jean skirt. Um, no. Snow just means you have your husband drop you off by the door and then he goes and parks the car.

Camille said...

dang girl! I'm glad I'm not in your ward - I'd have to move back to southern Utah County to even have anyone notice me in my knit skirt and flats!
And anytime I use liquid eyeliner, it always comes out chola style! ...Is that bad?

Emily Hill said...

rookie cookie's comments always make me smile! I have yet to use liquid eyeliner. Tried it once (probably in some neon shade of blue in the 80s) and it was a disaster. I might give it a go. My fave is a soft pencil eyeliner, then an angle brush with shadow over it to add a little sparkle.

And I too get dressed up on Sunday, though with four kids my outfits are usually trashed in 10 seconds flat!

Michelle said...

I avoid all types of eyeliner, frankly because I have no idea how to wear it and don't want to end up looking like a raccoon.

As for Sundays, sometimes I get really dressed up. I once actually had a lady ask me how I could walk in my heels. They were fire engine red satin stilletos, but only like 2-3 inches high. Other times you will find me in the denim skirt and sweater. Depends on if I have to wash my hair and shave my legs. ;)

ashlee said...

My answer to liquid eye-liner is the Stilla Smudgepot. You use one of those super thing flat angles brushes to put it on, which is kind of intimidating, but seriously you can master it within a few trys (trust me, I can't draw a straight line to save my life.) It doesn't bleed like really liquid eyeliner, and you have a few grace seconds to correct any mistakes, and then it stays where it is all day long. No running, no smudging. It's perfect. I will use it forever, unless they stop making it, at which point my life might end.

ashlee said...


Super thin flat angled brushes.

I can type.

Chelsea said...

here are a few tips for applying eyeliner.

pencil: hold your eyelid taut with one hand and apply with a soft pencil in an even line with the other. It will look so good people will think it's liquid (I know this because people ask me all the time).

liquid: use a pencil eyeliner first to create a guide line, using directions above. Then, holding your eyelid taut again, apply liquid. Use a thin line first to get it right. Then, go over it again to make it thicker. It's much easier to add than to take off. The liquid will stay put because it's gripping the line you drew with the pencil.

Both methods work like a charm. I get compliments all the time.

Chelsea said...

Just thought of this.

You might ask why you'd want to be bothered by applying both a pencil and then a liquid liner over the pencil line you just applied, right?

Well, liquid eyeliner ALWAYS looks more striking and bold. It creates a more dramatic look and has a heavier tone to it. If you try my method, you'll notice the liquid liner doesn't tend to slide and drip as much.

You're welcome. I hope this helps.

Danielle said...

funny, when i imagine church i utah, i imagine nothing BUT a fashion face-off. things are much different outside of it - people definitely don't care as much (which isn't always a good thing).

i try and get ready and look nice but i'm far from being fashionable. i count myself golden if i actually get to straighten my hair properly. *sigh*