Monday, August 31, 2009


3 down
like 90099 billion to go

happy anniversary plobster

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kalli gets her nature on recap: Cascade Springs

Gus getting the stink eye from the heifer mafia

Cascade Springs was sweet.

Gus basically had the best day ever, but that happens about every other day because he's a stupid dog with the memory recall of a squirrel so any day involving a W.A.L.K or swim is the best day of his life. On this particular day there happened to be cows in the mix, triggering some innate primal dog herding instinct deep within and off he went to establish who was boss to those grass eating udder swingers. Like I said, best day ever for Gus.

It wasn't too shabby for the rest of us either. Except silly Kalli didn't realize exactly how freaking long it takes to get to Cascade Springs (16 miles from the opening of AF Canyon) and we showed up over 30 minutes late. Good thing everyone else apparently didn't get the memo either 'cuz they were even later than we. These are people I can relate to, because everyone should know, timeliness and I are not best friends.

Whitney brought good company, the fearless Jack and smiley Van. Katrina and Asher rode up with the Nub and myself, Rachel and her posse (including Max the squishiest of the squishies) came too. I give Cascade Springs 1 and a half thumbs. I took half a thumb off for distance traveled and $4 entry fee.

So next week we're taking this party to SLC and Big Cottonwood Canyon. Donut Falls looks awesome, same day (Friday Sept. 4th), same time (9:30 am).



Thursday, August 27, 2009

wherein I take a moment to ponder the cosmos

Sometimes I have these intermittent flashes of introspection. You know, where I think deeply about my current direction in life and wonder why the heck the waistband on my undies is so tight (bad design right?). Because my direction in life and the tightness of the elastic on my underwear are certainly symbiotic, or at the very least, directly related. Also realized during one of my moments, I use too many comments in my sentences (,). This could be because I need a refresher course in punctuation and basic English (I forget all the time the difference between a noun and a verb and don't even ask me to tell you what a preoposition is. Mad Libs are like my worst nightmare). I did gain my early education in rural Wyoming after all. So what have we learned here? When all else fails, blame it on Wyoming.

Back to the point.

In one of these pondering sessions I came to the conclusion that I'm rather selfish and sort of a scaredy cat.

I am.

Maybe it's because I'm the youngest child, maybe it's because I have innate narcissistic tendencies, maybe it's because I spent my adolescence and early college years feeling like (and slightly resembling??) Sloth from Goonies. Let's be real, there could be a lot of reasons why I am the way I am. The truth of it is that somewhere along the line I've developed this ridiculous sense of entitlement regarding all things that generally make me feel better about myself and my current lot in life, and I like to use those things to hide how insecure I really am on the inside.  Entitlement is never good, neither is insecurity so these small personality flaws have generally got to go.  

The first step to positive change is admitting you have a problem and I believe I have accomplished just that. If not voluntarily than sort of by force. The last few months have resulted in a bit of a wake up call after being knocked down a few notches on the proverbial high horse ladder. It's been painful, not fun, a bit awkward at times, but mostly necessary.

Gaining a sense of self awareness, as it turns out, is a process and a messy one at that.

I'm still working on it, probably will be for life judging on how long it's taken me thus far. But from what I've experienced so far, I've come to know this:

Change is hard. Realizing and owning my many imperfections is hard. Life is hard.

"Change has a considerable psychological impact on the human mind. To the fearful it is threatening because it means that things may get worse. To the hopeful it is encouraging because things may get better. To the confident it is inspiring because the challenge exists to make things better." -King Whitney Jr.

I want to be confident in my ability to climb these mountains in life rather than to sit at the bottom and complain about how hard it looks.  I want to see more than myself, feel the conviction of hope and the excitement that change can bring.

I can do it. And it's okay to feel entitled and a little bit insecure about that all at the same time, right?  


Also, I  want to take less than 3 hours to write a serious blog post.  Blurgh  This is why I stick to fat jokes and potty humor.  
p.s. I still haven't solved my underwear elastic problem.  That is one mountain I don't think I'll ever climb.  At least not the way Miley Cyrus tells me to.  

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kalli gets her nature on: Cascade Springs

Where: Cascade Springs (American Fork Canyon)
When: Friday, August 28th 9:30 am
Come: get your nature on
What What:lots of paths, ponds and waterfalls, kid and stroller friendly!
Bring: stretchy pants, water, and a snacky for me mmkay?  I get hungry.   

Directions and info HERE
Be aware that there is a fee for entering AF Canyon (I think it's $5/car) so maybe carpooling is in order?  I have room for 3 extras in my luxury ride if you're interested.  Also, I heard something about the ability to check out passes to National Parks and Forests at your local library so that might be an option too.  

Leave a comment or send me an email if you're planning on it,

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kalli gets her nature on: battle creek falls recap

(L-R Whitney-Rookie Cookie, Pamela-Tom and Lucy's Art Shoppe, Marie-Make and Takes, Corrie (aka Mrs. Organic)-MetaSchmorphosis, Katrina-Red Head Musings)
also there: Jenny-Formerly Phread and ME!
plus a few cute kids and one dumb, wet dog
if you weren't there
you missed out
it was nature-riffic for sure
there was hiking, talking, berry consumption,
(of course Whitney brought delicious sustenance)
dog swimming courtesy of Gus
it was all kinds of awesome
so you should come next time
for reals

I'm still taking suggestions on where we should go this Friday
AF Canyon to Cascade Springs (very kid friendly, not much of a hike)
Stewart Falls (not so kid friendly)
other ideas?


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

rad shoe report

remember these lovelies from my Great Grandmother? (same as these)

so how about these?courtesy of my 86 year old Grams
circa 1950

Kalli gets her nature on: Battle Creek Falls

when: Friday morning  
time: 'round 9 am (can adjust time if you have to get kiddos off to school, let's convo)
where: to Battle Creek Falls, find directions HERE.  Trailhead is located in PG, off 200 South.
what: only 1.2 miles there and back, KID (and mom) friendly!
bring: stretchy pants and water

Me and Nubalicious (and also Gus the dumb dog) will see YOU there, right?

email or comment if yes 



next week's options: Timpanogas Falls or Stewart Falls?  Discuss.

Monday, August 17, 2009

oh how lovely was the morning

I woke up abruptly this morning at 7:20.  Straight out of a dream and instantly awake.  Really that's the way to go.  None of the bleary eyed confusion or huffy attempts at rolling over and back to sleep that my mornings usually begin with.  I wish I could say I'm a morning person but I'm not.  Today I was.  My Nublet squawked at 7:30 giving me just enough time to pull on my sweats and give my teeth a brushing. We breakfasted together (cereal, cheerios and apple juice for him, chocolate donut and milk for me).   I cleaned the kitchen.  He spooned dog food onto a spatula and tested out the temperature of the water dish as well.  What's the allure with babies and dog food?  

Summer is slipping out the door.  Have you noticed?  I feel like I need to cram all of my outdoor adventure aspirations into these fleeting few weeks in order to fill up my nature tank enough to last through the winter.  Ugh.  Winter. 

So after the kitchen was clean I buzzed my friends.  We packed up our babes (and Gus the stupid dog) and headed to P-town for a walk up the Provo Canyon Trail.  And just like pioneer children we walked, and walked, and walked, and walked, and walked some more.  From the bottom all the way to Bridal Veil Falls, where apparently another sky tram is in the future works.  That makes me nervous.  Trams in general make me nervous. 

I realized that though I'd been past Bridal Veil many times I'd never actually stopped and enjoyed the grandeur, or whatever.    

And so, as photo proof and thanks to Shayla's blackberry, here we are:    
A little spandex goes a long ways doesn't it?
thank goodness for stretchy pants
and that lady in the back
she obviously likes stretchy pants too

I deem the next few weeks (and maybe all of September) to be the ones where

Next on the agenda:
Stewart Falls
Silver Lake (as per Shayla's recommendation)
and if I'm feeling extra strong:
hike the Y
(lugging 25 extra lbs of Nub up 11 switchbacks might be more than I'm prepared for)

any other suggestions?
want to join?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Thanksgiving Point Pass Wiener!

I meant winner of course, but really who could pass up using the word "wiener" in a title?

Not me friends, certainly not me.

is the

I'll email you, and get you your sweet FREE passes

Thursday, August 13, 2009

birthday boy

this little nugget

is one year old today

excuse me while I go have an emotional breakdown

Happy Birthday Nubby!

Mama loves you

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

wherin I review a FOX reality show

Have you seen "The Fatchelor" yet?

And by "The Fatchelor" I mean "More to Love" on Fox

It's this spin on "The Bachelor" except this time the premise is "real woman" looking for their "regular guy" prince charming who in real life is a former college football O-lineman and present day real estate investor. So no size 0 former Miss America's prancing around the proverbial hot tub with their big fake honkers covered by nothing more than dental floss, a few strips of fabric and some strategically placed double stick tape.

No no, instead you get lots of big girl cleavage (and you should know how I feel about big girl cleavage...), one piece swim suits (I'm not going to lie, there were a few two piecers too) and excessive amounts of crying.

This show makes me feel equal parts horrified and entertained.

On the one hand, I know a lot of guys like Luke-the Fatchelor. These big boy football players who are loveable and goofy. One is my brother, though he's big like the Fatchelor in a not as soft sort of way. And the reality of it is, most of these big boy ball players have no problem landing a pixie stick wife and prefer their women that way. As proof, all of my sisters-in-law are under 5'5" and can be defined as "petite" should you feel the need to check a box. Part of me wants to applaud Luke for shopping in his genre. The other part of me is nervous for these big girls. Watch out! A 110 lb shark is lurking just around the corner to steal your man!

On that same hand, I want to know why most of the women on "the Batchelor" are successful career women with occupations like lawyer or interior decorator or small business owner, while the women of "the Fatchelor" find themselves in occupations such as nanny or burlesque performer or restauraunt server? So apparently, "the Fatchelor" contestants (and yes, I call them contestants) are not only overweight, but have low blow careers too. Hmmm... this confuses me.

Also, I want to know who came up with this definition of what a "real woman" looks or acts like anyway? Aren't I a real woman? Or do I have to be overweight and unhappy with my life and go on reality television shows looking for that ONE MAN, ONLY ONE MAN who likes big girls? Again, confused=me. I will defer to my friendship/acquaintance network and point out that I know several women who are overweight AND HAPPILY MARRIED TOO. Don't let it blow your mind.

Also, there is as I mentioned before, excessive amounts of CRYING on this show, and lots of sad interviews about horrible childhood and dating experiences. I thought this was supposed to be a happy show, a show about feeling comfortable with yourself and who you are. SO WHY IS THERE SO MUCH CRYING?? I don't know, you tell me Fatchelor fans.

Basically what it boils down to is that this show is a hot mess of mixed messages and cellulite, and none of that is going to stop me from watching. So thanks Fox, for always providing quality television to my summertime. I appreciate you.

**Don't forget to enter the TG point giveaway!!**

Friday, August 7, 2009

wanna go to booger king? crawl right in!

here's hoping your weekend is faaaantastic

and don't forget to enter the giveaway!


Thursday, August 6, 2009

basically, it was hot, but fun, and free

*Disclaimer, I am giving away free things at the end of this inordinately long post, so keep reading mmkay?*

Last week I got an email from my friend Sue inviting the Nub and I along on a Thanksgiving Point blog-o-land adventure/takeover. Basically, the marketing whizzes at TG Point invited a grip load of blogger ladies and their kiddos to enjoy some of the more popular TG Point attractions, and of course drum up some positive press on the side.

Because don't you know? Mommy bloggers are the new advertising frontier.

Basically to be invited to this shindig you had to have a technorati score of at least 5 billion plus one and like 20,000 hits a day (can someone explain technorati scores to me sometime?). Seeing as how I fit into neither of these categories and my blog still has at the end of it, you would correctly assume that the only reason I got to come was because Sue sort of made them let me. Sue explains it more fully on her post, and don't worry, she took pictures of me and the Nub sweating to death on a wagon ride as proof we were there. Also, because I secretly hate having to put forth the effort to get to know new people, I only met one new person and that's because she said hi first (Jane at Seagull Fountain), she liked my diaper bag and so I instantly liked her. Who says I can't network? Geez.

The fountain in the children's garden was out of water, it was muy schweaty, and like Hebrews in the Egyptian desert, we spent most of our time complaining about it. Other than that, my kid rode his first horse and it was 99% adorable after his initial angry protest. I got licked by a baby cow (called a calf for all you people who DIDN'T grow up on a farm), that was cute too. Heaven bless popsicles and dino museum AC. Sue didn't die of heat stroke, bless her pregnant heart. Her kids are so so so cute and so well behaved. I think that maybe they were robots because most kids that age are annoying. I am proud to report hers are most definitely not, annoying I mean. Lunch was primo and maybe I ate 3 cookies, maybe I didn't, but mostly maybe I did. They gave me a gift basket which included fudge and did not make me feel like less of a woman because my blog has a negative technorati score. There I go again with technorati. What do they say? We are most afraid of things we don't understand? Whatever.

Basically, TG point is que bueno.

Even more bueno when it's less than 98 degrees outside.

Even MORE bueno when it's free. Justify Full

That's right, they gave me 4 free passes to their 4 major attractions (Dino Museum, Children's Discovery Garden, Farm Country, and Thankgsiving Point Gardens) to give away to YOU. If you can't add, like me, that adds up to 16 FREE TICKETS HOMIES!

All you have to do is leave a comment to enter and then I will pick my favorite to win.

I'm kidding, I will do it randomly, I promise.

***Also, and I'm adding this later, tweet or blog about it, OR BOTH, come back and comment again=EXTRA ENTRIES!

Aaaaaaand GO!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

lookie here, a big horn

My dad took this photo, on top of a mountain somewhere, isn't that obvs?
We went for a ride, just me and him, looking for elk and other some such things.
I don't feel so slumpy anymore after that.
I tell you what, I love nature.

Which means I have to post this, because I just do.
Remind me to tell you about the time I lost out on a job promotion because of this clip.
It's true

Good times, good times...

Nature... GOULET!