Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Some of my best friends during my singleton days were dudes. I just liked my guy friends better than I did my girl friends for the most part. I think this maybe stems back to my early adolescence when I mostly looked like a dude so therefore felt more comfortable hanging around dudes? I don't know. I'm really starting to make myself look like a lesbian here, MOVING ON.

Anyway, in my early 20's (so like 4 years ago) I had this friend named Flynn and he used to refer to certain girls he'd kissed as "slumpbusters", meaning they'd broken a slump or a dry spell for him in the make out department. For me, that term has since taken on a new meaning, one having nothing to do with making out seeing as how I'm married now and don't do that stuff anymore.

Thanks to everyone here at casa de Verbie alternating different varieties of sickenss for the majority of July I've found myself feeling very droopy. It's sweatier than Satan's armpit outside, my energy is at zero, and my poor baby just cut his 9th tooth. We have not been happy campers. Which sucks, because I freaking love summer. Total number of days spent at the pool in the last month equals like two and that friends, is a crime against humanity. "Slumpy" is the term I used to describe how I was feeling last night in discussion with the Hub. I'm feeling so slumpy that I think I may need a slumpbuster.

What, you ask, constitutes a slumpbuster in this kind of situation? That's what I'm trying to figure out. Shopping is out of the question, so is travel, though I think a trip to the Northwest would do me wonders right about now. I've been having fantasies about Washington and Oregon lately, I think maybe I've watched too many episodes of Little People, Big World...

Anyway, this is where you come in handy friends, tell me how you beat your summer slump?

Monday, July 20, 2009

things I would like to accomplish before I die, or maybe before I turn 40

1. have another baby, or two, or three
2. have a baby of the girl persuasion.  I have 2 very fantastic girl names picked out that must be used, and should only one girl arrive could be combined if necessary.  These things must be well thought out.
3. buy a home, in a neighborhood I love, with a yard and a basement
4. have no debt.  None, nein, niet.  
5. Europe
6. Australia
7. New Zealand
8. Alaska
9. when people talk about places they've been I want to say "oh yeah I've been there"
10. know my family history
11. serve a mission with my spouse (this will probably happen much later than 40)
12. write a book
13. get a master's degree
14. take my kids to Wyoming to camp where I used to camp
15. own a boat
16.  become a soccer/volleyball/football/band/swimming/follow my kids wherever kind of mom
17. own a hybrid
18. see a game at Fenway Park
19. visit all 50 states, including and especially #8
20. get published, see #12, does not necessarily have to be a book
21. master a signature meal
22. make my home the one where my kid's friends want to be
23. find that one family t0 be best friends with mine (maybe we've already found them, who knows)
24. learn to sew like the wind
25. make sure my kids KNOW and love their grandparents, on both sides
26. learn another language
27. read the classics
28. figure out what "the classics" include
29. own a pair of custom made jeans (this is a completely vain aspiration, I know)
30. get better looking with age, so far so good
31. own some property, enough for a goat, a potbelly pig, a mini horse and maybe a few chickens
32. see Neil Diamond in concert
33. Greece

poor little bunny, again

I should really learn to be more empathetic because karma has a way of slapping me upside the head more often than not in return.  You see, all weekend my husband has laid around in bed, not contributing, complaining of fever and chills and shooting poo and vomit and the like.  As usual I said "whatever" rolled my eyes and half heartedly asked him "is there anything I can do".  I know we've all agreed about this before...when men are sick they are sicker than anyone has ever been sick in the history of the planet.  So I'm sorry, I just went about my merry way and mostly ignored his sad puppy dog looks and pleas for soup.  

Until last night when I started feeling the tingles, the kind of goosebumps that mean a fever is just around the corner.  

Karma I tell you.

It's a real biatch.  

Friday, July 17, 2009


In this one, I'm going to talk about the things I do or may have done in the past that 
a.) I find annoying when other people do them 
b.) are just annoying in general
welcome to my madness

1. Throughout my home there are gratuitous amounts of photos; engagement, wedding, baby, family, you name it, it's there. 
Exhibit A:

easy... I'm in my swimsuit 
In comparison, my mother-in-law has maybe one framed photo (of the dog no less) displayed in her sitting room (is that technically a parlor?  I don't know).  I sometimes wonder if she feels visually assaulted by my face whenever she's in my house...

2.  I have a glass block with vinyl lettering.  I do.  It may or may not have my name, that of my spouse, and our wedding date on it, wrapped with a big gold bow.  Two words: wedding gift

3.  I have a lot of black furniture.  Black end table, black kitchen table, black entertainment hutch, black shelves.  Also, I have a very large red couch.  At times I feel like the quilted bear threw up in my house.  

4.  I will neither confirm nor deny that I have block lettering above my stove directing me and any other unsuspecting kitchen visitor to "dream", about what I'm not sure.  Let me know if you figure it out.  

5.  Through the life history of my blog I have been known to:
  • Post wedding day pictures of myself posing with both my father and my mother when referencing how much I love them, usually on a birthday or other celebratory occasion.  See here and here
  • post wedding day photos in general, a lot of them too I might add...
  •  Sport a header featuring various woodland creatures
  • Talk excessively about my offspring, and yes, he is certainly cuter than yours, sorry.
  • (r.e. above) talk excessively about how wonderful and terrif my husband is, and yes again, he is better than yours, sorry.
  • used cute parantheses {} rather than normal ones (), in excess
  • accept sponsors
  • enter a give a way or two (or ten), though I have yet to host one
  • post shameless and vapid self portraits 
  • not have an etsy shop, but wish I did
  • do posts in list format
  • own a DSLR, because I like to take pictures, for my blog
  • post pictures and talk about my domestic victories, hoping that you'll comment and tell me how impressed you are in return
  • talk a lot about how much I love Target, silly I know, but I do, I LOVE TARGET
  • at times fail to use proper punctuation and/or capitalization
  • give my spouse and child ridiculous and annoying internet pseudonyms
I have poor taste in music, watch too much t.v., have read the entire series of "the sisterhood of the traveling pants (and loved it), I sleep in until my kid wakes up, spend the entire day in sweat pants more often than not, wear flip flops (sorry Carina), saw Step Up 1 and 2,  

and wonder daily why I don't accomplish more. 

the end 

you're welcome

Saturday, July 11, 2009

some light housekeeping

In lieu of the lipo and total body make over I've been dreaming about for some time now...

MLAK (yes I'm going to link my homemade acronym to myself) got a face lift instead

thanks to Kelly over at Lucky Jane Designs for cooking up the new header!!

I luff it

(when you say you "luff"something or someone, it means that you love it/him/her with the fire of a thousand suns, very passionately you know, like Tom Cruise and the whole Katie Holmes/Oprah couch jumping incident. I mean Oprah, come on, TOM LUFFS KATIE alright?!?!

So anyways, hit Kelly up, that means check her out for all you not in the hip lingo word world, if you're looking for some new graphics (headers and other stuff) at a not so graphic price ifyouknowwhati'msayin'!

**Find Kelly at LuckyJane Designs or email her at kelly-jasper@hotmail.com**

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

discount fashion model

Hey D.I. ,
even though you smell rather nasty
and mark your junk up 500%...

sometimes you come through
(if one has the patience to look hard enough)
I found this little seersucker treasure on the nightgown rack.
Maybe I was looking for a mumu, maybe I found this instead.
Skinny white belt, grandma's shoes and ta-daaaaaaa!
I'm still looking for a mumu.

The big girl arms, cardi, shirt and shoes are mine.
The skirt is new (old), and a bit big.
Anyone know how to clean a thick polyester like that?
We're talking leisure suit quality.
Dryclean only?
I hate drycleaning...

what think you, oh masses of the internets?
worth my $9?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

kidding just kidding


remember that part where I said that my 4th would certainly be better than yours?


kidding just kidding

it wasn't

mah baby sparked a 103 degree fever and mama bear spent the weekend freaking out about her poor little peanut who thankfully, after a few days is seemingly over the 'rhea and fever mountain.

Let me tell you this, I am perfectly calm and reasonable when it comes to caring for my sick child. I never not once googled "swine flu symptoms", nor did I call my pediatrician's office more than 10 times in a 24 hour time span.



Friday, July 3, 2009

my 4th is better than yours

here's hoping you have a good time getting your 4th on

as for me and mine we'll be enjoying the SLC farmer's market
maybe hitting up Sugarhouse Park
a bbq with the familia
playing with the doggies
taking some naps
eating some fruit
enjoying some burgers
watching some fireworks
you know
the good stuff

Happy Independence Day My Fellow Americans
(and happy Saturday to you non-United States people)

oh neil, my love for you is deep and everlasting