Monday, June 29, 2009

I don't have time for this...


I've been busy.

I just sort of decided that the laptop and I were breaking up for a bit-with the understanding that eventually we'd make up and get back together, you know, once summer ends and it becomes convenient again.

for now I've got better things to do.

1. hit up Hart's gas station for refreshing cherry cokes
2. go for daily walks with my offspring... and the stupid dog too
3. hang out at the pool with the Nub's girlfriends (they go on walks with us and we swap babysitting too)
4. sew with my sewing club (no lie, we totally have a club...if you can call the 4 of us hauling our kids to the clubhouse and sewing like 2 things while wrangling 6 kids a club)
5. going on actual dates with my Hub (see #3)
6. attending the Manti pageant and laughing at the overly dramatic narration, and the kid who tried to do a ninja kick during one of the battle scenes and failed miserably. I think he may have pulled a groin.
7. eating lots of sandwiches
8. planning some murders... of the snails who keep trying to eat my plants. in.cold.blood. stupid snails watch your backs.
9. celebrating birthdays and father's days
10. eating popsicles
11. playing in the grass
12. playing at the park
13. hanging out with Stoopid and Sweetcheeks
14. weekend tripping to the Connie's.
15. planning a camping trip
16. dreaming about going fishing
17. wanting to make scones (SCONES!, like the white trash ones, straight greasy and covered in honey)
18. getting excited about parade season (let's play count the beauty queens!)
19. watching SYTYCD (I'm having problems connecting this year. I think Carlton/Brandon is super distracting. That and I don't have DVR anymore so watching T.V. is a lot of effort and I can't rewind. I hate that).
20. catching up on Mad Men. Netflix, let's get married so I can whisper sweet nothings in your ear and tell you how much I love you without feeling guilty.
21. firing up the grill, last night we made tin foil dinners and don't be jealous but it was good
22. sno-cones!
23. burgers, I like to eat burgers, a lot. Hub and I are on the quest for burger perfection. And I think we are thisclose to achieveing it, don't worry I'll keep you updated.
24. church and stuff. church and stuff is a lot of work
25. wondering when my kid is going to slow down and stop getting so big? Oh yeah, never. DAMN YOU CIRCLE OF LIFE! p.s. he turns one in like a month, I'm hyperventilating just typing that out.
26. corn and watermelon stands, yes please.
27. soaking it all in. I can't say it enough.

and for your viewing pleasure, my two favorite summer romances:

p to the s, I appreciate all your voting both for blog luxe ( I think I ended with like 80 votes which was like 79 more than I thought I'd get, so bonus!) and the little poll we had running on the side bar... "Hub" won, guess you like him best as is. Hey guess what? Me too.

Now go eat some watermelon.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

ode to nubby

heh heh heh
eat your heart out