Wednesday, December 31, 2008

{na na na na hey hey gooood-bye}

and now a re-cap

january found me pregnant and anxious
at secret for me to keep
until my heart was sure and my body would hold

a prophet returned home
a sweet birth and bittersweet good-bye for the tender babe of my bosom friend

february a heartbeat!
both mine and my babe's

a blizzard of epic proportions

march was the month of the boy
one for me
and a new nephew too
and lest we forget hawaii...oh my!
upon return a lay-off
my job was no more

gus learned that his genetics cannot be argued with in july

i learned that neither can mine

august made a mother out of me

september brought bath time and feedings, endless feedings

october brought democracy early

november made us want to curl up together and take a nap

december brought snow at last
right in time for christmas
our first as a family of three

the best gift for us was this:
our own mini ewok

and so, '08
you were good to me, i cannot lie
'twill be hard to top
i love you so
me thinks
it's time to go

off with the old and in with the new i say
it's just hair

happy new year friends

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

{battle fats '09}

as i watch my visitor count slowly dwindle to nothingness i realize that maybe it's time for a new post. i will do my very best to make this a. maybe interesting, b. semi-funny c. sort of worth your time but probably not. if you read this lovely post of pure vapid nothingness and then decide that it fulfills none or not all of these than get over it.

it's been a year of epic proportions for all us locals here at MLAK {that's right, i just acronymed myself. don't pee your pants with excitment or anything} but i don't really want to get into that right now. i'd rather focus on what i'm doing at the present. like downloading new music. and sitting in my own sweat. it's gross, but true. i went to the gym tonight. and i just need to say this: the gym makes me want to vomit, the smell i mean. it's disturbing, like a petri dish of sweaty pheremones {and germs} given off by the plethora of singlets walking around in their hot pants {the skizzys} and sleeveless shirts {the dudes} preening for each other like peacocks in heat, combined with the sweat of the rest of us slightly overweights who are there because we have to be. walking in gives me the dry heaves. and then i get over it and go on my merry way.

it's a love/hate relationship really. i knew my absence was a bit on the long side when the spazz who teaches my pump class {which i've been attending for 3 years now} forgot my name. usually she likes to shout out things like "yeah kalli!" and "gluteus minimus!". okay she still shouted out the gluteus minimus part but called me merilee or something like that. it was a low point. i'm no longer a regular. the fact that i had a sweat ring from my belly button can attest to that fact.

but we're back on track. at least i didn't come thisclose to passing out like i did last time. we are on like donkey kong for 2009. and by "on" i mean ready for battle. with the fats.

battle fats '09!

i got a pair of jeans for christmas that i have a deep need to get into. today i ate roughly 5 peanut butter cups which might be kind of counterproductive to the original effort though. so january might be a rude awakening. mostly to my tastebuds, and that part of my brain that craves junk like cherry coke and all things sugar.

i am committed.


Thursday, December 25, 2008

{fa ra ra ra ra-ra ra ra ra}

what, you've never seen a singing elf-dog?apparently i was extra good this year
santa brought me a new camera

now i can finally fulfill my dream of becoming a japanese tourist

and for this next picture i say

you're welcome
merry christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008

{the agenda}

why is it that when i finally achieve the great pinnacle of my day {i.e. get my kid down for a nap} and i have a friggin' million things to do... all i manage to actually accomplish is to plant my hiney on the couch and dink around on the internets?


i read through some of my archives last night and decided that childbirth has sucked the funny right out of me. what's that about?

in addition

it is snowing buckets outside. BUCKETS. i find it rather idyllic that i'm sitting in my warm house watching it and my christmas tree is glowing in the corner. it makes me want to put in a bing crosby movie {you know the one}, make myself a cup of derishious hot chokky, and knit a sweater or something.

on top of that

i have so much laundry to do. so much in fact that i truly have run out of clean underwear. if you know me and my vast collection of underwears this indicates something of a situation.

to wrap it up

i'm still not finished with my christmas shopping. at this point i'm not above going through my house and wrapping up stuff. so if you get a used toaster and a can of soup act grateful. at least you didn't get the bag of salad.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

{bear with me here}

these holidays man

they get me every time

today was the nub's 4 months checkup, i know, 4 MONTHS! that's crazy talk.

i'm sitting here on the couch with my lover thinking about where we were just a year ago. this time last year i was newly pregnant, again, and a mess of anticipation, fear, excitement and anxiety. throw in any other emotion you can think of on top of all that and that'd just about describe the state i was in. it was also about this time that hub gave me a blessing and promised me that if i would just show a little faith, that Heavenly Father would hear our prayers we would be blessed with a healthy baby.

if i would only put my trust in Him.

i remember writing in my journal last year about how this must be something akin to how mary felt when she was told she too was carrying a child. what must have been running through her brain... the faith she must have had to see her through that experience.

throughout my pregnancy every time i started to cross over that line of every day anxiety to borderline hysteria, i remembered that promise and instantly would feel a certain kind of calm. and when the nub was born and all was well, my heart was very full. for i knew that the promise had been fulfilled and the Lord had certainly kept up on his end of things, that faith had seen us through.

i am so blessed. i honestly could have never fathomed how wonderful my life would come to be. it replenishes me every day with how much love i have in my heart for this small boy, and how much gratitude i have to my Heavenly Father.

my life is good. my faith is strong.

and that friends, is worth celebrating.

heck, i may even make it to church a few times next year. even if it is at 2:30...

Friday, December 12, 2008

{sucky mcsuckerton}


maybe you should have been prepared for this

so that when i got online this morning to buy tix for Wicked {which btw is FINALLY coming to Utah} your dumb server wouldn't be overloaded thus preventing me from doing that which i came to do.

i hate you

Thursday, December 11, 2008

{a tasty treat for you}

so, whilst blog hopping this fine evening {you know you do it too...}

i came across this little nugget

Clicketh HERE

i could have just posted the same video, but i particularly enjoy her commentary after, priceless.

i got embarrassed just remembering myself at that age

oh to be 12 again with mosquito bite boobies and a bad perm.

good times

Saturday, December 6, 2008

{contain yourself!}

the nub, excited about breakfast

i've decided that utah weather people REALLY annoy me.

even worse than the san diego weather people used to and let me tell you, those san diego weather people have THE easiest job on the planet.

utah weather people not only have bad hair, but they are WRONG ALL THE TIME!

like yesterday's snow total. predictions were for 5-7 inches. what did we get?

a dusting. a slight dusting. and frigid wind. aweeeesome.

i think weather people should keep their jobs based on performance and accuracy. 70% right and you keep your job. anything less than that and we'll see you on the curb friend. you and your bad hair.

i'm sounding crazy like.

i'm just saying i'd like some snow on the ground. snow makes me feel festive, and there are only 15 days until christmas people. i need festivity, the festivity should blowing out of my ears by now!

moving on.

i have procured 2 christmas outfits for the nub. neither are elfish, but both involve red and white stripes. he looks like a baby candy cane, and

the holiday treats have begun to come forth. this is both good and bad. good for my tastebuds. oh how i LOVE the holiday treats. bad for my muffin top. so very bad for my muffin top. i keep praying it will just go away. is it wrong that i pray about my muffin top?

our ward is moving to a 2:30 pm time in January. 2:30! after 2 years at 1:00 they move us to 2 flippin' 30. it's like they want me to be methodist.

i kid. but seriously. 2:30 is absolutely ridiculous.

your thoughts?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

{al gore had a point}

holy bazzoli

i have 5 minutes here, maybe even 10

can you believe it's december 4th and there is zero snow on the ground? yesterday i hit the grocery store in short sleeves for pity's sake. i realize that i'm being fully hypocritical because in about 2 months i'll be screaming "NO SNOW I HATE SNOW, WINTER DIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE".

but for now i could do with a little taste of the holidays. and no, i'm not talking about the nutella i purchased during said grocery store voyage. of which i've already eaten half the jar. shoot.


snow already.