Sunday, August 31, 2008

{numero dos}

Happy 2nd Anniversary My Hub!
thanks for loving me so thoroughly
thanks for our son
i love you to the moon
here's to a billion more years to come

here's our song, just for you

big kiss, little hug, little hug, big kiss


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

{hooray for blogger love}

unless you live under a rock in blogger land, you for surely have heard about the Nie and her beloved Christian. If not, go here and here to read all about it and get your updates.

Since we cannot actually do the healing for them, we can instead offer up our wallets along with our prayers and join their families and friends in fund raising to help offset the magnanimous {love that word!} medical costs piling up daily.

Go check out Design Mom's blog tomorrow for a list of who will be hosting awesome online auctions. Then bid, go nuts {if you can} and let's give, give, give!!

much love from me to you all

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

{birthday party}

our last photo "together"
leaving for the hospital
The funny thing about childbirth is that you think the whole experience will be burned {in a good way} into your memory forever, but looking back on the event 13 days later I'm noticing a few of the details are a little fuzzy. Since this blog is for posterity {my Nub} and not just for my own entertainment {contrary to popular belief} I'll do my best to fill in the blanks.

I never thought that high blood pressure would be the answer to prayers, but turns out it was. At my regular appointment, the other doctor {since mine had the courtesy of being out of town} thought it wise to give me a full exam when I thought I was just coming in to get the blood pressure checked. Shaking her head, just to be on the safe side let's get you delivered, I'll go check the schedule and see if we can get you in today. Tomorrow for sure if not.

Um, okay!!

7:00 am the next morning we arrived at the hospital. I didn't sleep a winkle the night before, my brain had been racing all night and I was highly overstimulated knowing that I was going to become a mom in just a few hours. Everything was for real this time. Oddly relaxed {maybe it was the sleep deprivation} they hooked me up to my monitors, the student nurse stabbed my arm a few times until she found the right vein {what is it with student nurses?? yeesh}. Our RN turned out to be the nurse who was so good to me during my gall bladder episode a few months before and I wanted to cry with joy I was so happy. Judy, if you ever read this you are a saint, a SAINT I tell you. Turns out I'd been having contractions all along and came into the hospital having regular contractions {apparently you can not realize what contractions feel like} so Nub would have probably made his appearance early anyway.

The morning passed by pretty quickly. Hub and I sat around, people showed up to wait with us, the contractions were getting stronger and closer together and I was progressing how you say, rapido? I met the doc who would be delivering the nub {tall, funny!} and felt reassured that it wasn't going to be a case of the blind leading the blind when it came down to business. Judy instructed me "not to be a hero" so boy howdy, around the time I was dilated to a 6 or 7 I sure enough hopped on that epidural train and rode it all the way to the station! Bless Mike, the nurse anesthitist {did I spell that right?} who did such a good job. I had some serious fears that it would only work on half my body and that giving birth would turn out to be some weird exorcist experience with green vomit and my head spinning around. Lucky for me, and everyone else around, that wasn't the case.

Pain medication and I have something of a history together. I act a lot like I imagine I would if I were on ecstasy, very touch feely and chatty. I start asking about life histories and best friends from high school and random stuff like that. I chatted Mike up about how long it took him to get to be a nurse anesthitist {7 years}, with the student nurse about how great epidurals are {really great}, with Judy about the rising cost of homes {they sold their home in Alpine of 22 years and recently bought in PG, love their HOA}, with my mother-in-law about who knows what. I could not shut up. The government should never trust me with any national secrets because all the communists would have to do to make me crack is hook me up to a little spinal numbing medication and suddenly I'm an open book.

Around 1:30 pm or so, the good doc. finally showed back up and broke my water. How come no one told me how gross that experience is? I was shocked. And grossed out. And of course, could not stop talking and apologizing about how grossed out and shocked I was. By this time I had quite the audience with my in-laws and the Connie joining Hub and I in my room of labor. My dad was in transit. The contractions were so strong at this point it felt like a giant vice clamping down on my uterus every minute and a half. My audience looked at me with sympathy and grew quiet every time I clenched my forehead to wait it out. Nub's heart rate was dropping considerably during the big ones so they hooked me up to the oxygen. Everyone was ushered out of the room for the nurse to check me again, a nine! I started to cry, talk about being slapped in the face by the reality of the situation! 15 minutes later Judy pronounced me a ten and we commenced pushing.

25 minutes after that, at 3:22 pm, my handsome little Nub held on long enough for the doctor to barely make it and greeted us with a lusty cry.

then we all cried together

and the world was just right

it was a great day for a birthday

and yes, I really would call the whole experience awesome

*if you are thirsting to know his name truly and really then shoot me an email and if you're not a weirdi I'll fill ya in

Thursday, August 21, 2008

{offer one up for the connie}

What with all the prayers being offered up for Nie-Nie, CJane and their family I'm wondering if you wouldn't mind throwing one in for my Connie while you're at it. Apparently she worked herself up a rather large gall-stone and is currently in the hospital awaiting surgery. If you've ever had problems with your gall-bladder you know what I'm talking about when I say !PAIN! like no other. She started feeling it late last night and continued to care for my nub for several hours inbetween vomitous episodes and all the hurting in an effort to help me get some sleep
{i can't believe she did that}.

I really love my mom.

It's weird to be on the other side of the caretaking for all of us in the family.
I know some of you get what I'm talking about

everything will be cool
but a few extra prayers never hurt

Nub thanks you in advance
he sure loves his Gma Connie

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

{1 week}

we survived the first 7 days
my nub is still cute as ever
{i can't belive i grew him}
i'm learning a lot about my own insuffiencies
about depending on others
about how wonderful it is to have dinners magically show up on your doorstep
about how nice it is to have my mom come to the rescue when i suddenly develop a nasty chest cough and high fever {not fun}
she scrubbed my whole house; blinds, baseboards, EVERYTHING
AND stayed up with the nub so i could sleep
about how much i really love my man
about how much you can instantly love a little tiny person
sometimes he even opens his eyes!
i'm not quite sure what to do with myself tomorrow
when the Connie leaves {mommy!}
and me and my nub face the day alone

one day at a time...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

{in love}

thoughts on the past 4 days:

nursing is hard

that newborn smell should be bottled and sold

can't believe i have a baby

still can't believe how awesome {yes this is ME talking} labor and delivery went

seeing my hub as a daddy...can't describe

seeing myself as a mother...feels comfortable

holding my son...feels complete

seeing my swollen feet...not so much {anyone else get postpartum cankles/feet?}

experiencing life as 3=incredible

birth story coming soon...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

{el nino}

our little man joined us safe and sound
August 13th, 2008, 3:22 pm
6 lbs 11 oz
19.5 inches long

mom had an awesome delivery
babe is fantastic
and has a head full of blonde hair
{even though you can't tell in this picture}

he is everything i ever dreamed of and more

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

{um, we are so ON}

tomorrow is THE day!!!

and i am freaking out...

in a good way

oh baby

*say your prayers for us, we've never done this sort of thing before and can use all the help we can get!


Monday, August 11, 2008

{39 weeks=home stretch}

this better be the last time I post pics
of myself {and jr.}
in all our gestating gloryall I know is that
I'm ready
we're ready
no more than a week
and "we" become three
good thing
because I'm running out of space..

{freedom fries??}

Suck on that France!!!
most ah-mazing race ever
give it to Lezak man

I almost peed my pants

oh i love the olympics!

Friday, August 8, 2008

{where's my gold medal}

I was really hoping to watch the opening ceremonies tonight from the comfort of my hospital bed but that doesn't look like it's going to happen today (sorry Laura, I tried). I'll settle for my couch, the flatscreen, some pizza, and a blackberry Izze instead.

Things I am excited about:

Swimming. Have you ever swam competitively? It's hard. Re-he-he-heaaaaaly hard. I was on the swim team in jr. high and loved it. Maybe I was even good. I used to get SO nervous before my events that I had to sing the national anthem to myself to keep from barfing or pooing {oddly the same tactic I used in track} out of fear and anticipation. But volleyball took over my life once I got into high school. My sister Stoopid on the other hand, was an awesome swimmer and I loved going to her meets, when I wasn't playing volleyball that is. My poor parents, they did a lot of running around with kids in 3 different sports. But I digress. My point here is that I have a lot of respect and awe and facscination with and for swimmers. So disciplined, so muscley, so not afraid to prance around in spandex.

Dara Torres. She's 41 people, 41 freakin' years old, killing competitors half her age AND swimming in her 5th olympic games. Plus she has a smokin' hot body. It's kind of weird how obsessed I am with how good she looks. Chiseled is what comes to mind. And I love that she's drug free and vocal about it and volunteers for all sorts of testing. Don't let me down Dara.
You're just silly if you're not excited for Michael Phelps either. I watched him obsessively 4 years ago {no, his abs and other well defined parts had absolutely NOTHING to do with it, I swear} and can't wait to do it again. Bless the U.S.A. people.

I love this commercial.

Other favorites:
beach volleyball, I'm looking for a May-Treanor/Walsh repeat. Regular v-ball. Logan Tom is back in town. She has the raddest name ever. Holla back to the Utah connection. There's tons of other sports I'm excited about, it would take me all day to list.

Anywho. The Olympics are cool. Prepare yourself for awesomeness and all that accompanies really ridiculously good looking people with athletic prowess competing against each other for crazy reasons like medals and honor and respect and could this sentence get any longer?

China and smog, not so cool.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


i tried posting this really awesome video hub and i made touring the nursery, but stupid blogger took a pms break and wouldn't upload our oscar-worthy flick. i plan on writing a strongly worded letter. later maybe.

here's what i feel like talking about:

1. you know how pregnant women check each other out? well they do. one did it to me at the wal-mart today then asked when i was due. when i told her and asked her the same she responded "i'm a week late", and she had at least 2 other kids with her. it occurred to me that i should stop feeling so sorry for myself. i'm trying, but not necessarily succeeding.

2. mall-walking does not equal contractions

3. nothing equals contractions yet

4. i'm trying hard to stay, how you say, upbeat? and not get discouraged that my doc is headed out of town for a week, that i haven't had this baby yet, that i tested positive for the stupid strep b thing, that being dilated to a 4 and 75% effaced means NOTHING, et. al., ad nauseum. but honestly, if one more person tells me "he'll come when he's ready" i might poke out my eyes.

5. i'm even annoying myself at this point. seriously, the whining will stop soon, i promise.

i feel like i should put in a disclaimer now. i'm SO excited for this baby to get here. to the point that i can hardly stand it. i am incredibly lucky that this pregnancy has been so healthy and without complication and i know that i am blessed. those of us who are natural disaster thinkers tend to have a hard time NOT worrying constantly about every little thing. i'm fighting my nature here, trying really hard to be patient and am overjoyed that this little man will be here sooner than later.

so make like a congregation and bear-with, alrighty?

Monday, August 4, 2008

{hey guess what}

i'm still pregnant