Thursday, July 31, 2008

{wrong choice america}


Courtney over Chelsie?


this competition has become a travishamockery...

in tribute:

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

{my paperchain}

If you know me, I like to plan. I like to be prepared. I'm slightly neurotic that way. When I say I love a good surprise I'm mostly lying. Surprises are hard to pull off when they involve surprising me. Just ask hub, his efforts have been thwarted by my naturally curious {cough *controlling} nature on more than one occasion. Poor guy.

That being said...

Now that we're down to the wire on this whole gestation thing, I'm REALLY having problems with the surprise aspect of it. Like, hello baby, I'm ready for you to come out NOW. And since I'm the all-knowing OZ this stuff should work on MY timeline. Quicker you learn that kid, the easier life will be.

hahahahah... right.

This particular lesson is definitely heading the other way. I also having a feeling that my little dude has a lot more tricks like this up his sleeve.

Apparently I'm not OZ after-all {which is okay with me because those lollypop munchkin people kind of weird me out anyway}.

Still, I've been walking and hiking and jumping and pretty much doing everything I can to shake things loose.

It just wouldn't be me if I didn't at least TRY to get the final word in.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

{save a spot for me}

i can barely sit through sacrament meeting at this point, and i honestly don't feel THAT bad about it seeing as how sunday school puts me to sleep and relief society and i haven't been friends for a long time {so maybe i got fired from being a visiting teacher, maybe my r.s. president has crazy control issues AND a dennis the menace haircut, i'm just saying}. i have a feeling i won't be making it through all 3 hours for a while and i'm not too broken up about it. today the hubster and i were laughing to the point of pee in the middle of someone's talk {not an uncommon occurance} when he said "don't worry, if i get to hell first i'll find a nice rock for you". i responded, "make sure it's good and pointy". just keepin' it real people.

please say you're with me on the uncomfortableness of church at 9.5 months huge...

or are that rock and i truly destined for each other?

Friday, July 25, 2008

{the truth hurts}

the Connie and i were shopping in the unmentionables section when around the corner popped up one of roughly 50 fresh-faced adolescent target employees on shift, this one happened to be of the male persuasion.

he: can i help you find something?

me: not unless you want to help me pick out a nursing bra

he, looking awkward, stares blankly then turns and walks away

me: so i guess that's a no?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

{36 weeks=9 months}

that's right party people
yo soy 9 months pregnant
I hope you're admiring my new sweatpants
{I don't know why I'm buying sweatpants in July}
{probably because sweatpants always fit}
let the countdown begin!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

{adventures in babysitting}

look what showed up my my doorstep this morning
oh you didn't know Delta Burke had her own line of sunglasses?
or that my sister and her baby were models?
k, well maybe I made that part up
but it is pretty funny

spending the day with Sweetcheeks is always fun
today we did the park
took in some swings
finished off a hot, sweaty walk
I'd say we enjoyed ourselves
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you can be the judge of her thoughts

Sunday, July 20, 2008

{oh sweet mystery of life}

in my constant quest to make Gus a "real dog"

{none of the dogs i had growing up slept inside, got regular baths, ate from the table, shed on my furniture, got lifted into the back of cars because they are too afraid to jump, ate organic dog food, had a dog bed, a microchip, were vaccinated, etc.}

we took him swimming

before we placed bets on whether or not we'd have to throw him in
I said yes {he's afraid of sprinklers for pity's sake, fake dog}
Hub said no

turns out I was wrong {rare}
he may have "real dog" potential after all
please note the swimming came AFTER he jumped out of the back of my dad's moving truck
and stuck the landing

and please, enjoy the running commentary from myself and the Connie

Friday, July 18, 2008


hey guess what?

it's Batman tonight.

that brings me joy

so does thai food

especially when shared with a good friend

and my husband

and movie theater cherry coke

and FRIDAY's


if you need more of this type of thing, head on over to CJane's
she's full of it today

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


There are few things in life that make me cringe more than:

1. the instruction to "scootch your hiney down to the end of the table"
2. shopping at the Wal-Mart
3. sea-food
4. mosquitos
5. goth teenagers, i don't get it
6. the smell of dog food, or dog hair, pretty much anything dog related except the dog itself
7. math equations
8. Mary Murphy's perpetually bad wardrobe choices, or her hot tamale train. kill me.
9. people with bad oral hygiene
10. people who can't park between the lines in parking lots, it's not that hard, trust me.

however, the one thing I hate more than any of those things, possibly more than anything on this entire earth is this:
specially when it comes on for the 2nd time in 3 months, with the 1st time requiring $500 worth of funds I had other plans for. I am cursed.

If you know me, you know this is the truth. Cars and I do not get a long. In fact, we are not friends on any level. I demand nothing more out of a car than good AC, a heater, a radio that works, and tinted windows. Entirely realistic expectations if you ask me. Apparently stringent standards from the auto population. Cars are allergic to me. The first car that was ever "mine" had to have the entire engine replaced after 1.5 months when it decided to blow up in the middle of South Pass, Wyoming. That was fun. The first car I ever bought on my own... the AC broke THE DAY I BOUGHT IT, and never worked again for the next 5 years despite countless trips to the mechanic and hundreds of dollars spent. Then there's the Saab that my in-laws so generously gifted me. My first luxury car, my first car with WORKING AC, my first car with leather, HEATED seats, and a SUNROOF! I was in heaven-for about 3 months before some little tiny screw cover broke loose, tangled in the timing belt, and subsequently blew the whole engine. A screw cover. Honestly. And we won't even talk about the time when I was 16 and rear-ended the town mayor in front of my high school at lunch hour, or when I ran my parents van into a fence and said a very bad word that my mom heard. Seriously, this crap only happens to me.

I'm not really sure how to make things right with the car gods. Should I offer some sort of sacrifice, like burn my driver's license or let someone run over my toe? Would that satisfy the powers that be? Suggestions anyone?

Tomorrow we find out our fate after I drop off the Trailblazer for his date with Mr. Mechanic. Maybe they have something romantic going on and have to keep finding excuses to see one another.

on my dime

makes sense

** here's the update:
basically there's nothing wrong with the stupid car. nothing still cost me $129 though. such is life.

Monday, July 14, 2008

{and I think}

I've been sitting here for 20 minutes trying decide what to post and whether or not to use proper punctuation and capitalization {so far, so good}.

Anthony Bourdain is on the telly and I find myself wondering how anybody thinks sporting one earring is a good idea? Let me help, it's not. Food network good, one earring bad.

I just returned from my 3.2 mile round-trip walk up to the temple and back, rewarding myself with a slice of pound cake topped with whipped cream and lemon curd. No wonder the scale isn't my friend anymore. Okay, we were never friends, but the relationship between us is even more strained at this point {get it, hahahahahahaha, oh shoot...}

My weekend? Was great. A 2nd baby shower {the last one, thanks be}, generous friends and family, a mall date with the hub, dinner with the in-laws, movie watching in bed. Another week begins and the countdown to life changing forever marches on.

It feels like things are kind of in a holding pattern now, like we're circling the runway and haven't received clearance from the tower just yet. In the meantime, all I think about {and feel} is this baby, our little family, and how lucky I am. The magnitude of such an event has yet to spark panic, but rather sporadic bouts of mild anxiety and fervent preparation.

So I guess that's what this post is going to be about.

Nothing and everything in particular.

Friday, July 11, 2008

{things i get excited about}

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#1. Dublin Dr. Pepper
that's from Dublin, Texas ya'all
someone brought us 2 WHOLE CASES
it has real sugar, much like Mexican Coke(a-Cola)
which of course, makes it the pinnacle of delicousness
and a true summer treat

#2. The Dark Knight
{clicky HERE for the trailer}
next Friday, and yes we do have tickets already
the anticipation...
welcome back Christian, you bat babe
sad/excited for Heath's performance
overjoyed Tom's wife-bot got replaced by
i love all things Gyllenhaall
{did you see Stranger than Fiction?}
and as always, Morgan Freeman
because who doesn't love a man with freckles?

to reference my plastic purge from yesterday
I link you to THIS ARTICLE
which breaks it down
easy peasy style

oh i love friday!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

{alrighty then}


danka to {insert your name here} for the thoughts and suggestions yesterday. i'm decidedly thankful to have an outlet such as this ol' blog where i can lay out my anxieties and use you, my trusted fellow bloggers and friends, as a sounding board.

that being said, my latest crusade is to de-plasticize my life. i'm gutting out my tupper-ware cabinet (i'm so ashamed of it anyway), throwing out the old nalgenes (the new ones are BPA free!), and breaking my addiction to water bottles a la Costco. a few months ago i bought a brita and have been involved in a love affair with it ever since. seriously, it's fantastic. the recycling program here leaves something to be desired so we kind of instigated our own and have a whole separate trash bin for such treasures that we drop off every week or so.

i am so granola right now.

try this for dinner:

Southwest Chicken Wraps *courtesy Better Homes and Gardens

2 tsp. olive oil
1 lb ground chx or turkey breast (i used turkey)
1 med. red pepper, chopped
1 tsp. chili powder
1 tsp ground cumin
pinch of salt
1 c. mild salsa
1 can (15 to 15.5 oz) pinto beans, rinsed and drained
12 Boston lettuce leaves (any lettuce leaves will do)
1/2 C. plain nonfat Greek yogurt

1. in 12 inch nonstick skillet, heat olive oil on medium 1 min. Add chicken, red pepper, chili powder, ground cumin, and 1.8 tsp salt. Cook, stirring occasionally until chicken loses pink color throughout, about 8 min. Stir in salsa and beans; cook 5 min to blend flavors and heat through.

2. serve in lettuce leaves and top with a dollop of yogurt. fold over and eat in hands

k so these were actually pretty good. you can use any pepper, it doesn't have to be red. i used orange personally. did you know that all bell peppers are genetically the same anyway? at least that's what hub says, and he apparently is a well of wisdom. the greek yogurt is delish. i think i've decided that it's even better than sour cream. i want to eat it with a spoon. you can also use regular tortillas instead of lettuce leaves. today i actually used corn tortillas and had some for lunch. that's right people, i ate leftovers.

expanding my horizons, day by day, by day...

by day

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

{i'm so over being a grownup}

i actually sort of like paying bills. there's something gratifying about seeing our monthly dues clear and knowing that we've managed to take care of all of the necessities (like directv) for at least another 30 days. i do not enjoy other "necessary" expenses like groceries, or prescription drugs, or gas, or dog food (i REALLY hate buying dog food), or basically any expenditure that cuts into what i can spend at Target.

today i decided to venture to the wal-mart in order to wrangle our grocery spending down a bit. because we all know that while the wal-mart lacks a certain, or any, ambiance, it makes up for in price. or so i've heard. today's expedition made me want to double check my vaccinations to make sure i'm still current. i came home roughly $100 bucks poorer, 98% more cranky, and wondering what the hell we eat that costs so much, considering i spent $130 on groceries LAST week?? apparently i'm in need of a grocery make-over. and while i'm at it i need a budget make-over.

this economic recession crap is killing me.

is it killing you too?

tell me how you're feeling the pinch and what you're doing to combat it. feel free to complain all you want, commiserate with me! but when you're finished try to leave a helpful tip should you find yourself so armed.

Monday, July 7, 2008

{what i didn't know before i got pregnant}

this is from an earlier post that i took down thanks to hub telling me he thought "it was a little graphic" and i got all self conscious and worried that i was over sharing. but by nature that's who i am, an over sharer, so here it is, slightly modified, but still a little TMI. hope you can relate.

1. peeing on a stick can be a gratifying experience, it can also be a completely humiliating. depends on whether you're hoping for one line or two.

2. crying, lots of crying is allowed when pregnant or when trying to get pregnant

3. you will pee out your body weight in urine over the course of approximately 24 hours during more than 20 daily and nightly visits to the bathroom. and then you will repeat the cycle. every day.

4. hormones become as much of an excuse as an actual physiological condition

5. just because you feel pregnant doesn't mean you look pregnant, see #2 & #4

6. pregnant nausea is a whole different ball game from regular nausea

7. you can take naps frequently throughout the day and still be exhausted at night, even if you've accomplished nothing other than sitting on the couch watching t.v. all day

8. pooping is not always easy, sometimes it feels like an accomplishment

9. being unmotivated is definitely a symptom of pregnancy

10. when the baby starts moving is NOT when you stop freaking out and wondering if everything is ok. you will, in fact, freak out the entire almost 10 months you are pregnant. about everything.

11. every move you make requires a grunting sound along with it

12. people stare at you when you're pregnant, or maybe i'm just paranoid. except that i used to stare when i wasn't pregnant. so maybe it's just me.

13. shaving your bikini line becomes increasingly difficult to borderline technical wizardry

14. boy hormones can make you break out in itchy little bumps across your abdomen (pupps, it's for real)

15. sometimes the baby moves in a weird way and sits on your stomach, making you feel like you either swallowed a rock or you need to throw up

16. your husband cannot read thoughts, which actually is probably a good thing, since he would be offended if he knew what you were really thinking in the first place

17. being extremely worried about what your lady parts will look (and feel) like after birth is a totally realistic fear

18. you appreciate your own mother a lot more. especially if she gave birth naturally to 4 kids in 5 years who all weighed 9 plus pounds except for one small sister who was a petite 8 plus lbs. you also become very afraid that you too will have a giant baby (see #17).

19. your doctor's office becomes your second home and you know all the nurses by name, then you hug them and act like they're your long lost bff every time you have an appointment

20. wondering whether or not your baby has hair becomes a deeply thought provoking experience

21. getting and staying pregnant was one giant roller coaster, being pregnant is a whole different ball game, one i am more than happy to be playing in, hormones and all.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

{bum bum bumbum bum...}

enjoy the 4th...

and please,

be safe, wear sunscreen, and maybe eat a hotdog

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

{estrogen garden baby shower}

So while I'm sitting here on the couch in my underwear (having shed my bathrobe because I was sweating), I thought I'd give a little holler to my lady friends who got together for a baby party in my honor yesterday.

When I got laid off a few months ago I was more depressed about leaving my friends at work than anything, that and the reality that I could no longer purchase office supplies to my heart's content. Here's why I like them:

Melanie (and Nolan)
um, first off how cute is he? Melanie is pretty much a jack of all creative trades and incredibly talented and wonderful and all of that stuff. And she bakes crazy good cupcakes. Bonus.

(L-R)Kelsey, Stephanie, Reagan, Erin, Rebecca
Kelsey and I have a mutual appreciation for fine baked goods. And she always laughs at my jokes, no matter how crude or rude or off color. She's a jewel. And she's moving to Portland. I'm depressed about that. Stephanie's daily stresses are the most hilarious thing about her. She's pretty much just funny and we have a good time talking about other people. Reagan is comedy. I think I like her best when she's a bit grumpy. Because then we can be grumpy together which is always more fun. Erin is my confidante, we are talkers and eaters and I love her pretty face. Rebecca, she's fierce even if she doesn't project it, she's like a secret surprise!! She comes off all quiet and shy but I know better...

Heidi and Anjanelle
I like Heidi because she is a gestating machine (4th girl due in December!). She fights the good fight in my old department and holds down the fort in the middle of all the men, and in the absence of her man at home (hubby is off to war). Anjanelle is one of those people who is super efficient and genuinely goodhearted with not one sarcastic or judgemental bone in her body. It's amazing that she's friends with me because I'm um, not so much like that at all.

Stef, Ashley and Cathy
Stef is a rock star. I lub her. And she has red hair and a daughter named Alice. And she always tells me she likes my outfits and laughs at my jokes. *note to self, be friends with her forever. Ashley is so cute and little and I want to fold her up and put her in my pocket. I like her other side too, the one where she talks about "nervous poops". Cathy keep it real. And she's got great shoes, a quality I greatly admire.

yes, you can get that excited about cloth diapers for burp rags
Rachel (on the right) is so thoughtful isn't she?
Rachel is, quite possibly, even more sarcastic than me. Plus, she talks about how annoying her kids can be and how she didn't like nursing. I appreciate the honesty Rachel. Plus she's funny. And she'll probably really appreciate that I put this picture up. You're welcome Rachel.

I just mostly like Cathy's face here
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So this ended up sounding more like my lezzie love appreciation letter than anything. But I really do tenderly heart these girls and they deserve a blog shout out because they all told me not to send thank you notes.

Yet another reason to love them.

thanks girls, you're the best!