Wednesday, May 28, 2008

{a van full of crap}

i know i've talked a lot about sticker effigies and how much i hate them
but really,
this one takes the cake

* on the back of a dodge caravan
in a provo mall parking lot

{28 weeks=7 months}

hey baby

Sunday, May 25, 2008

{what you get}

over the past few weeks i've been tagged a few times, okay once

*and if you think "getting tagged" refers to something that happens in a prison shower than please, educate yourself further in the ways of blogging

i've decided i should do my own version of the standard tag, or meme, or whatever it is you people are calling it these days.  

follow along!

4 healthy foods i ate today:
1. twizzlers
2. chocolate chip cookies (at least 4, maybe 5)
3. twizzlers
4. doritos

4 pointless things i did today
1. left relief society 10 minutes early (i guess the last 10 minutes were just.too.much)
2. mocked everyone who wasn't sitting next to me in church (i'm not sure this was pointless)
3. ate my body weight in twizzlers
4. looked at myself nude and wondered if my butt was catching up with my front??  (jury's still out)

4 times i hated on Gus
1. at the park, he's so retarded
2. at the dinner table, he's retarded
3. in the living room, he shed an entire wookiee on my couch, retarded
4. in the car, he's SUPER retarded 

4 things on my list for tomorrow
1. throw away any twizzlers remaining in the house, if any
2. make an appointment to have Gus shaved bald, do they offer laser hair removal for labrador retrievers?
3. eat more cookies (find hidden stash of twizzlers saved for emergencies)
4. dig deep to find any remaining patience in order to avoid murdering retarded, hairy dog
*5. (bonus!) figure out why Lindsey Lohan's mom has her own reality show.  Really?

Friday, May 23, 2008

{Me Likey}

We saw the new Indiana Jones last night
not my favorite
i think George Lucas smokes rocks

moving on

me likey
Clinique Amost Makeup
tinted moisturizer

*image jacked off the internet

having been a M.A.C. purist for years
i decided it was time my tastes mature
their tinted moisturizer just wasn't cutting it anymore
plus i think the M.A.C. "artists" look like scary transvestite clowns
(who honestly wears that much make-up?)

so off i went to the Nordy's
and home i came with Clinique's Almost Makeup
i love it
i want to marry it
it is the land of milk and honey for my face
it's cheaper
and pretty sure it's better for your skin
it blends beautifully
and my skin feels like it can breathe
whatever that means
spf 15

here's where you come in:
i want to know your favorite skin-care products
from cleansers to moisturizers
to cover-up and mascara
anything for the face
let's trade tips
tell my why you love it and where you got it
give me the details

i wish you the best of memorial day weekends
be safe
and leave a comment

love Kalli

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

{32 candles on the cake}

please, don't choke on the sexiness

10 great things about Hub
on his 32nd birthday

1. he always says he's sorry first
2. he cried on our wedding day (and when he proposed)
3. he likes chick flicks, okay LOVES them
4. he's pretty dang funny
5. he loves Costco, just like me
6. he doesn't mind that i'm taller than him
7. he lets me buy expensive make-up and hair products
8. he pays attention to details
9. he fits into my family like a glove, hard to do because we're really weird
10. he loves me, lots, tells me a zillion times a day

i love him lots too

Happy Birthday Plobster!!!
yub you

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

{shout out}

like i said 2 posts ago... all i did over the week was take pictures. er, or had my picture taken.

our friend Maggi Quackenbush (isn't that fun to say?) is a photographer supreme and managed to wrangle us all together for a family picture while everyone was in town.

click on over HERE to catch a peek of her handiwork.

Maggi does great stuff so if you're in the market for a photographer, give her a looksie

Monday, May 19, 2008

{it is possible to get too much sleep i guess}

I'm still tired.

I had to do the 12 hour fast for the orange drink/glucose test this morning so I slept in as long as I could to make it go by quicker. I must mention that I'm not a pleasant faster, food is very important to me.

I should be bright eyed and bushy tailed. I got a good amount of sleepy time.

Instead I'm seriously dragging.

I'm trying to get motivated to go upstairs and get my face on (you know, apply the make-up).

Instead I find myself embedded into the couch watching "engaged and underage" on MTV. Wha?

There's something about watching 17 year olds pledging " 'til death do they part" that I can't tear myself away from.

Tomorrow is the Hub's birthday so expect a scintillating post about that. Last night he asked me if I blogged and I said no. He got all disappointed and told me that he liked to read my posts because it was the highlight of his day. Nerd. But cute, right? So tomorrow if you're hanging around be sure to stop by and leave a comment, he loves that stuff and I love him so thanks in advance.

Have a great Tuesday my friends!

Friday, May 16, 2008

{my weekend of many photos}

this post will have a lot of pictures
because all I did this week was hang out with my family
and what do you do with family?
you take pictures

there was a wedding
where we took this picture
it was very windy
don't judge my hair
or my fat girl arms
there was a birthday
(i loved this dress so much i bought it twice, one for Sweetcheeks and one for my other flippin' cute niece)

she turned 1!!
gack, that face, seriously.... i want to eat it

there was good quality family time
my bro came to town
we got to love on BearCub

somehow the only picture i managed to get of his face
was this one
he's cute and squishy
and has a penchant for blowing out diapers

we ate a lot
we talked a lot
we campfired
that whole thing

it was a good week

Monday, May 12, 2008

{the gift that keeps on giving}

Here's what I'm excited about today:

my mother's day gift, the only thing I've been wanting for quite some time now...

a massage

one whole hour purely focused on me and my aching musculature

one hour to lay on my stomach, blessed cut-out pad (I'm more excited about this than anything)

*here's to hoping I don't get a chatty cathy massage therapist, I hate that. Just rub, ask how the pressure is, and let me enjoy

see, hub benefits directly from this gift. a happy wife is a happy life, no?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

{oh mudder}

Happy Mudder's Day
to all you present and future!!!

special thanks to my Connie
for squeezing out all
9 lbs 14 oz of me
for being my #1 cheerleader
for teaching me the gospel
for being what a mother should be
for being my friend

yub you mom

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

{what i'm thinking}

*note to self

Remember to stop drinking water before 8 pm. While one can appreciate your efforts to stay well hydrated, waking up 5 times in the night isn't really something you WANT to do until you HAVE to do.

Sleeping in is nice (and yes, I'm enjoying it while I can)

"What Not to Wear" is one of the greatest shows on T.V.

Making dinner under the guidelines of a "no fat, or low fat" diet is really hard. I like cheese. Suggestions and ideas are welcome.

My relief society president is crazy, really and truly.

Visiting teaching will never be on my list of favorite things to do.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

{nice ride}

but seriously...

Sunday, May 4, 2008

{i hate my guts}

friday night started off good

blinner at ihop

enjoying the scenery while we were there (awesome tattoos, mullets, side-sitters, sleeveless shirts, etc.)

target-i love you

and then it went from good, to no good, to very bad, and then horrible in the matter of a few hours

i'll spare you the details but it involved 3 trips to the hospital, 2 dumb nurses, 1 great nurse, lots of fetal monitoring (he's fine), vomiting in an elevator, every gastrointestinal product you can imagine, morphine, percocet, and my jewel of a husband.

here it is sunday eve and i can finally sit up straight again

what i will tell you:

my hub is a prince and i am in the best of hands, he likes me enough to hunt down nurses and berate them when i'm prostrate with pain, he's my lobster. he also buys me popsicles.

our health care system leaves something to be desired

i can survive 12 hours without pain meds (unwillingly), and have subsequently decided that natural childbirth is probably (definitely) not my thing

percocet is the way to go if you need to get stoned (legally and lawfully of course)

the end

Thursday, May 1, 2008

{Me Likey}

Me Likey Biosilk*image hi-jacked off the internet

this stuff is hair magic
it smooths, it straightens, it tenderizes (not really)
I put it in my locks before I blow dry, and then again after I flat iron or curl, or if I actually fix my hair that day in the first place
try it, you'll like it!
You can find it at Target, Costco, and anywhere that sells professional hair products I'm assuming. Personally I buy it at Costco, big bottles for cheap.

Today me no likey living in Utah.
what the deuce?
ice on my windshield this morning