Monday, March 31, 2008

for reals

I just dropped Kari off at the airport, and now I'm lying in bed because I'm fuh-reaking exhausted.

Yes, I know-when you're pregnant you get tired. But it's for real man. And like the icing on my lazy cake I have some sort of sore throat/snotty nose thing going on. I know I'm preaching to the choir here since everyone has been dealing with some sort of plague it seems. Go lay in bed ye sick ones. I'm here with you.

The ultrasound on Friday went perfectly. The little dude is still very much a dude (good thing). His measurements were all right on and I'm 210% sure he's the cutest thing ever. My mom came with us since she's never seen an ultrasound before and the look on her face was priceless. Babies are so great!

Except when they give you serious hormonal acne, but that's a story for another day.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

then blogs my soul

Here's the thing: I've lost my inspiration, or something to that effect. Everyday I sit down to write something and I've got nothing. I feel like Jim Carrey on Liar Liar when he's trying to tell a lie and spouts gibberish instead. Except that I'm not trying to lie, at least I don't think so anyway.

All of the things that are exciting in my life right now are most likely boring to everyone else. And that forces me to wonder who I'm blogging for, myself or my loyal readers (all 5 of you, I love you)?

Don't get me wrong, I love the comments. Everyone loves comments right? Even my husband who rolls his eyes whenever I mention my "blog friends" or "this girl who's blog I read", habitually checks my posts to read the comments. And he especially likes it when I post about him and people comment on how great he is. I guess it's human nature. We like to have a response or some type of feedback to our thoughts, ideas, and actions. Especially when the response is positive. Boosts the self-esteem.

But I remember that I got into blogging because I needed an outlet. I needed to connect with something, even if it is just a website where I post all of the mundane and stupid photos of my life, or talk about how my dog likes to sleep upside down, or about finally being able to stay pregnant, or about all of the things that bother me on a daily basis. It doesn't matter if no one else cares. I care. It's my blog, my life, I will post how I like and not worry about anyone else.

I guess that's some sort of personal manifesto huh?

Here's what I've got for today:

I'm babysitting my niece again. Even when she's teething she's still the sweetest thing ever. It makes me nervous because I know real babies aren't like that.

We have another ultrasound tomorrow. Am I the only person in the world who thinks ultrasounds and dr's appointments are scary and stressful? I get all worked up before every single visit and I can't help it. I'm a tornado of horomonal emotion.

My hub got a new mac book. I'm excited because I get his old laptop which in reality is basically brand new. Which also means I get to say goodbye to my old lappytop, Lucille, who has served me well since the college days. Farewell old friend. I won't really miss you.

My friend Kari is coming to visit for the weekend. She's excited, I'm excited. We will eat lots of food and do nothing. Really it's what I do best.

the end

for today

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Nephew para mi

here's a little welcome to my new nephew
who remains nameless
born yesterday afternoon
weighing in at 9 lbs
measuring 22 inches
to the relief of my little tiny sister-in-law
and my monster of a brother
i hope he gets a name soon

Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday's aren't the devil anymore

Now that I'm on the unemployed bandwagon, I find that Mondays aren't so bad anymore.

In fact, I'm even starting to like them.

I found myself exhausted after the Easter festivities yesterday so what's the remedy? Sleep in of course! Go to the gym at my leisure? Why yes! Ensure that my house is thoroughly vacuumed and free of dog hair? Go ahead, you've got time! Plan your weekly dinner menu (it's time for me to do this again I suppose)? Why the hizzle not?

I realize with my enjoying the unemployment so much I've become somewhat of a contributor to the downfall of the economy, which I'm against, of course (go economy, rise, RISE!). So here's my disclaimer:

If you get laid off from your job do your very best to find another unless you have a lovely husband who works as hard as the 7 dwarves (Hi Ho! Hi Ho!) so you don't have to.

And now, I need to go find a snacky.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sticks and Stones

I just got home from the gym, I know, I'm amazing.

I'm sitting here checking out the headlines of the day and I see this (it's a link, click on it) little ditty about photos of JLo's babies. Of course I click on it and give the photo a once over, only to come to the conclusion that her baby boy looks more like her husband, who in turn looks like Skeletor. It's horrible to say that about a baby, who is all innocent and pure, I know, and it's not his fault his dad is skeletor and his mom has two Christmas hams for a hiney.

am I the only one who sees the resemblance?

Okay so there's my judemental quota for the day. I've decided to allow myself only one out loud per day and that was it.

I'm really trying to work on my personality flaws; like giving people the once over and instantly deciding what's wrong with their outfit, or how they should fix their hair, or why they shouldn't be wearing those jeans. I'm trying to look for the inner glow rather than the outer dull (?). My Connie would say, "If you don't have anything nice to say than don't say anything at all". In my case I'd probably be mute for most of the day. Especially lately. Like I said before Kal-zilla likes to rear her ugly head more often than not.

It's so bad that often me not judging people is the focus of my prayers. I know I'm prideful and haughty and the humbling is inevitable! I'm afraid of what HF has waiting in the wings for me if I don't shape up my act. Maybe my own conscience will eventually drive me insane!

Since today is the first day of spring (GLORY, GLORY, HALLELUJAH!!!), and in honor of Easter Weekend, I hereby declare that I will make an attempt to not say one bad thing about anyone the rest of this day.

I was going to say for the rest of the week, but that would be a real stretch. Goals should be attainable.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Conni-ck has a birthday!

Have I talked about my Mom lately?

Today is her birthday. Yup, she's a St. Paddy's day shamrock of joy. Too bad we're not Irish.

Seeing as how it's her day and she's off vacationing in Texas (yes, people do vacation in Texas apparantly). I'll celebrate by myself and post a few of the great things about my Connie.

She is a great source for Connie-isms like "wierdi" and "silly goose" and "smooches" and all of the lovely nicknames we go by in our family (Kalli Ko, Codi K., Brettski/MuskyMan, Chadly Winks, etc...).

She is a pretty wicked cook. Okay she's awesome. This fact contributes to my sense of inadequacy in the kitchen. How will I ever be as good as my mom? Okay so that's more of an excuse than anything but whatever.

She's a stone cold fox. You should have seen her in the 70's, she had a long, luxurious mane that put Cher to shame, and awesome fingernails to boot. She has eyes that sparkle and a smile that still makes my dad weak in the knees. Oh, and she dated an Oakridge boy. Not kidding. And no, not the one with the beard. I inherited my stone cold foxiness from my mom methinks. I certainly got her calves anyway.

see, we're hot
She used to do respite care for kids who had special needs, one of her kids was a 19 year old boy with Down's Syndrome named Kit. Kit and my mom were a pair for sure. I'm not sure who enjoyed the other more. When Kit said my mom's name he said Connie and added a "ck" at the end so it sounded like Connick. It has since morphed into several different versions. Connick, Connick-a-lick, Chronic.
She's a jewel.
we kiss on the lips
i know, we're weirdies
I love you Mom
Hope you had a great day!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Today's List

It's the Sabbath, and I rarely post on the Sabbath what with it being the weekend and me doing more important stuff and all. However, with my other half off fulfilling his churchly duties (I'm so proud), and with me having comandeered his laptop I find myself at an impasse. So yes, today I will blog.

Let's talk about the greatest things ever:

1. Costco was selling Mexican Coke on Saturday, I keed you not (Coke as in a-cola, not Columbian bam-bam for your nose). So even though we've (I've) been off caffiene for roughly 4.5 months now... we threw a case of that precious nectar in the cart. And it's so good. So, so, SO good. Real sugar makes the difference every time.

2. Gift cards left over from Christmas. Especially gift cards from a former employer that you had forgotten to use but re-discovered.

3. Pizza Delivery people

4. A clean house, finally

5. House Seasons 1-3 on DVD

6. Free Time

7. Going to the gym in the morning not in the evening when you're all tired and hate life.

8. My husband's ability to laugh it off when I'm acting like Kal-zilla. The hormones, they're killing me, and everyone else apparently.

9. Long (at least 20 minute), hot, solo showers. All by myself, no one to bother me, no hurry to be in, no where to go anytime soon.

10. Not going to Relief Society, not today (or last week, or the week before that)

11. DVR, amen.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Dog Days of March

With all of this talk of babies, I feel like our "other child" has been neglected. So I'll give you a snapshot of what he's been up to on his nights and weekends off (I say that because he goes to work every day with Hub):
life is sure rough if you're a dog named Gus

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

if wishes were fishes

I've spent the entire day in my workout clothes.

I spent it chasing around and cleaning up the destruction from my now mobile, cabbage patch of a niece, Sweetcheeks.

I spent it wishing I could use all of my new cleaning products (I LOVE a new bottle of any sort of cleaning product) that I found for cheap at Family Dollar, I didn't know you could buy anything there but candy and toilet paper! My house is in desperate need of a scrubdown.

I spent it wishing my quilt was already finished. It still needs an extra border, some nipping, some tucking, some praying, you know how it goes.

I spent it wishing I had a personal chef to cook for me. I'm on a down cycle right now.

I spent it wishing for new curtains and pillows, or someone to recover the ones I have.

I spent it fighting off the desire to reorganize all my worldly possessions into neat, orderly shelves and whatnot.

Spring fever has struck people, hard. With that I have an extreme problem with the forecast for the weekend, which includes snow and weather below 50 degrees. I'm boycotting all weathermen. I might even TP their houses. That means you Kevin Eubanks, and your stupid white coat.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


someday, my son will forgive me
for posting pictures of his junk online
see, he's giving me a high 5
i kind of love him

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Alrighty Then

Mmmmkay well, I'm back. And yes, I missed you too. We flew in this morning after the world's worst flight(s) home and like 36 hours of no sleepy and I'm sitting awake at 11:21 pm wishing I was sacked out instead. Time changes seriously affect me, even small ones. I've deduced that I would be a horrible international business person. However, the trip was grand and we had a fabu time, of course. No work, no computers, no noise (other than the Japanese tourists talking 7 decibles louder than everyone else), no snow, no cold, it was glorious.

I returned to a plethora of emails including a corporate wide one about "streamlining the business process" which of course translates to "department cutbacks" which breaks down even further to "letting people go" (beyond me why they don't just say that in the first place). I deleted it and went on my merry way. One rather awkward conversation with my boss later, I learn that those cutbacks include me. And how. I miss my work friends already. I hope our travishamockery (thanks for the proper use of that word Kelsey) of a book club still counts me in.

Hub's response was to bring me flowers and a card that said "congratulations on becoming a stay-at-home mom.

Sounds good to me.

Let's go back to Hawaii.

we ate some pineapple
rode a boat
did a lot of this:
tried to find the Lost beach (and got lost doing it, ironic?)

like I said, it was glorious
So there you have it. My vacation was awesome, I don't have a job, I miss my friends, I love my husband and my baby (who likes to wiggle, more on this tomorrow...), and now I need to go to bed.