Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thursday, February 14, 2008

St. Valentines-comedy or tragedy?

You know that state road 92 the news kept talking about?
the one up by Highland/Alpine?
the one that got CLOSED??

guess who was on it?
(and my mom who was a few cars ahead of me)

to amuse myself while stuck in the car for 3.5 hours
I decided to do a photo essay

The Blizzard of St. Valentine's EVE

visibility was high
can someone tell my why these people have created 3 lanes out of one?
(i was swearing at this point)
(and honking)
(the only real lane was the one i was in)
(half those people slid off the road)
(serves them right, idiots)

totally excited about life right now
(see my iced-over windows?)

at this point I wanted to shoot myself...

I survived
and i have a testimony of a full tank of gas
4x4 drive
trail mix
my phone
my mom
and my Hub
who had to be talked out of coming to rescue me

i don't have a testimony of
idiot Utah drivers
people with Florida license plates
Utah Highway Patrol
or the lady in the Astro van who cut me off twice

I finally blew through my front door in a tornado of pissy anger

only to be met with warm food, a hug and a smooch,
and a trip to Hawaii in 2 weeks

Happy Valentine's Day Lova

you rock my world


Monday, February 11, 2008

For Enquiring Minds

Well first of all, thanks to everyone who left a comment on my last post.

Your comments were vonderbar, I loved all of them. It makes my heart feel warm to know know that we have people who love us and are genuinely excited for the arrival of this wee one.

We (being Hub and I) are, of course, over the moon.
P.S. I've always loved that phrase.

And now to answer a few questions:

1. yes I have been sick, it sucked, but I feel much better now, thank you.

2. Hub is indeed very excited, except he talks to the baby in a really annoying voice (on purpose) of which I'm trying to put the kibosh on. Sounds a little like Charlie the Unicorn.

3. We have had a few ultrasounds and have deduced that our baby has ADD the way it was waving his/her arms and legs around. But still, loveliest sight I have seen in my life thus far.

4. Gus could care less at this point. His life revolves around pooping on the patio (because there's too much snow on the lawn), and licking himself. Babies are far from the mind. We shall see though, whenever Sweetcheeks comes over he is VERY interested.

Speaking of that girl, she hung out with me on Saturday.

And really into my bookshelf

doing some light reading?

she recommends My Antonia and The Eyre Affair
both very tasty

i love that kid

ps, it was Kari's birthday over the weekend
if you get a chance head over and wish her a happy one

Happy Late Birthday to KK!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Houston... we have a HEARTBEAT

Guess what today was?

Today was my 12 week visit.

Today I heard the heartbeat of the little guppy I've been carrying around for 3 months now, and it was positively musical.

My secret is a secret no longer.