Thursday, November 13, 2008

{to be loved}


i'm down at my parent's house for the next 2 days since Hub decided to abandon me and the Nub and go to Colorado for a work thingy. Work thingy shmirk thingy.

i keed. he rarely leaves me unless he has to and it's very very important. i'm just lactating and thus very needy. there's something about producing a food source from your body that makes you needy. example:

me sitting on the couch nursing {where i spend the majority of my time let's be honest}:
i need chapstick

he gets up and gets me chapstick

wait i need water

he gets up and gets me water

can you change the laundry?

he gets up and changes the laundry

my feet are cold

he goes and gets me socks

i need a snacky

he gets me a snack

i need to go to the bathroom

blank stare

just testing

soooo anyway, i was looking through the picture files on my mom's computer looking for something funny to post {because posts without pictures are bo-ring, on my blog anyway} and came across this beauty:

here's me 4.5 years ago, graduating college, wearing pants in a horrible wash, hair a few shades lighter and roots about an inch deep. so full of hope, my future bright! i believed and i was going to achieve!

actually i was so sick of school and SO glad to be done with the whole BYU thing. plus i was about to move to san diego for an internship and had my sights set on scoring a hot so cal surfer boy to call my own. that didn't happen. and i'm pretty glad. turns out surfer boys are stinky. now you know.

a lot can change in 4.5 years.

you move home after a year or so in so cal. you meet a beefy short{er} dude with eyelashes for days. you joke with him, you let him buy you food. he impresses you with homemade pizza and dr. pepper. you decide you love him. he buys you a killer ring. you marry him. you have a really really adorable baby together.

then when you lactate he willingly plays the whipping boy and meets your every need

sometimes i wonder what i'd say to my former pink cardigened self if i had the opportunity. i think it would go something like this:

hey hot mama,

so cal is awesome. you will love it there. your friends will be great. you will eat much, laugh a lot, dance your poor feet to death, and generally have the best time ever. you will also come back to utah with a greater appreciation for your parents, your family, and only 3 freeways. you realize that life isn't mapped out perfectly, and you are glad for it.
you marry the best guy. and he is perfect for you. when you are hormonal and insane he is loving and only flips you off when your back is turned and you cannot see. you will come to realize that this is love.
you miss him when leaves you, even if only for a few days. and you count down the hours to when he comes home again because if it's even possible he missed you more than you did him.
you are a lucky girl you.

so there it is. your life is good.

enjoy these last few years you have as a singlet. they are great days and the best is yet to come, i promise.

oh...have hope! you will discover dark wash jeans and long camis in a few years, things are looking up!

me {you}

it's true. my life is the most wonderful kind of wonderful. i realize it more each and every day. plus hub just called me and said he got my birthday present for sunday and to tell me that i wasn't allowed to look at our online bank account until he got back so as not to discover the secret and he wouldn't go see quantum of solace without me. you give, you receive.

now if only i could get my laptop to work things would be PERFECT!


Shar said...

Kalli, you are a BABE! Then and now!

Hopefully the time will pass quickly, and he'll be back before you know it!

I wish we could have known then future a long time ago. That would have taken away a ton of stress and worrying!

Natalie said...

A few thoughts:

1. Online banking has truly killed romance, hasn't it?

2. I have those same pants. And that same cardigan. I ALSO wore those my last year of BYU. Only difference: instead of lighter hair I had a pixie cut. I just kept cutting it into pixies, realizing it wasn't for me, letting it grow to my shoulders, getting frustrated, pixieing it again. It was horrifying.


Sue said...

This was very sweet (in a very good and lovely way, not the nauseous way). Made me want to give you a hug. Nursing is hard.

I had three kids in rapid succession and I got really used to being pregnant or nursing all the time. I got so used to asking my husband to do stuff for me, that I kid you not - it's taken me YEARS to get out of the habit of just asking him to do things when I'm perfectly capable of doing them myself.

We'll both be sitting on the couch watching something, and I'll say, "Oh, look, there's the remote. Can you get it for me?"

And then I'll remember that whole thing about being able bodied. I'm not being lazy, as much as - got used to being waited on hand and foot. Habit.

Untypically Jia said...

You've got to admit, the dr pepper and homemade pizza totally sealed the deal right?

You're a lucky girl, a man who knows how to move laundry LOL!

kkrich said...

thats a tender little letter to oneself. and mr. verb is very prfecto for you. love your face. 3 days til your bday!

Keli said...

Happy Butt Crack. I mean Birthday.

Laura said...

Awe, that was so sweet, and look how cute you are! Cali boys are the best if I do say so myself. If I were you I just might keep lactating forever...

Teri said...

I'm so happy that you are happy. It's always nice to have a man who is at your beck and call and doesn't flip you off to your face...way to land a good one. ;)

cori said...

reading this just made me smile.

i love how you really are loving every minute of it.

Katrina said...

I love this post. I'm right there with you on the "I need..." stuff. It's nice to have someone around to get you stuff.

Ashley said...

I love how you shamelessly admit to cracking the whip. Love it. Happy Birthday lady.

coryshay said...

Okay, I just found this post in your "you might also be interested in..." section. You're hilarious... and I loved the old pic. I don't know if I would dare put an old pic on the internet... hopefully no one would recognize me. But you look(ed) great!

Camille said...

What a treasure! Look how gorgeous you are :)