Saturday, November 22, 2008

{must blog now...}

i'm having another moment

of the good sort this time

i know you're all sighing in relief 
{all 10 of you... plus my mom who actually pointed out something quite profound in her comment on my last post.  thanks mom, now i feel completely justified}

hooray! not another "why am I crazy post?" the joy!

the hub came home this afternoon from coaching wrestling {little boys in singlets, the tugging, the wedgies, the visual TMI's!} and told me to go do something nice for myself this afternoon, like get a massage or somesing like 'dat.  i thought, "yes!, then NO! because THE GAME is on this afternoon and I do notta want to miss it".  SO instead he treated me by rescuing  our postage stamp sized back yard from throes of the evil tomato tree and all of it's tomato spawn strewn like frozen vegetable casualties of the war we lost with our home grown produce attempt from the summer.  in layman's terms: our stupid tomato plants grew into one giant tomato tree spilling well over it's bounds and leaving hundreds of tomatoes EVERYWHERE when we fell behind on harvesting and maintaining the stupid plants after the nub was born, and maybe even before.  i am terrible at gardening.  terrible.  

but back to the point.  he is great.  and i love him.  and i thought you all should know.  

and now i must go rescue the nub who has houdinied his way out of a tight swaddle and is flailing his arms about helplessly wondering "where is my mom, and why isn't there a boob in my mouth??"


Sarah said...

you crack me up! It was fun to go to the movies with you last night. Loved all the commentary!

Katrina said...

I'm pretty sure babies are often thinking that.

I'm so glad you are feeling better and have such a great hubs. And I'm actually jealous of your mutant tomato tree. If I lived by you I would have come harvested your tomatoes for ya!

Amanda and Adam Walsh said...

Hahaha. Hahahahaha. Miss you.

Natalie said...

1. where is the mom

2. why isn't there a boob in my mouth

3. don't you owe natalie an eeeemail?