Thursday, August 21, 2008

{offer one up for the connie}

What with all the prayers being offered up for Nie-Nie, CJane and their family I'm wondering if you wouldn't mind throwing one in for my Connie while you're at it. Apparently she worked herself up a rather large gall-stone and is currently in the hospital awaiting surgery. If you've ever had problems with your gall-bladder you know what I'm talking about when I say !PAIN! like no other. She started feeling it late last night and continued to care for my nub for several hours inbetween vomitous episodes and all the hurting in an effort to help me get some sleep
{i can't believe she did that}.

I really love my mom.

It's weird to be on the other side of the caretaking for all of us in the family.
I know some of you get what I'm talking about

everything will be cool
but a few extra prayers never hurt

Nub thanks you in advance
he sure loves his Gma Connie


La Yen said...

Prayers all around!

Shar said...

Poor Connie. I'll add her to my mental prayer roll.

kkrich said...

connick! we love you. lots of prayers your way, hopefully the scope works!!! no open wounds.

Monica said...

I was told I had to have my gal bladder out when I was 6 months pregnant. It was very scary. Luckily I was able to hold out until after I delivered my sweet boy (almost 7 weeks early) and then had the surgery.

I feel her pain and will be praying hard for her.

Laura said...

Your poor mama- hope she gets feeling better SOON!

Erincita said...

OH, I hate those nasty gall stones! I'm so glad I don't have m gall bladder anymore. Less problems altogether. Bless that Connie!

Keli said...

Your poor momma! She'll feel much better once that bad boy is outta there. You definitely got prayers coming from me. Plus, I think I owe you at least that much, from all the prayers I know you sent my mom's way.

Cute little one, btw. Ad.or.a.ble.

stephanie said...

Oh that is horrible, gall bladder pain is no fun. I will keep her in my prayers as well.

P.S. your nub gets cuter in every pic.

Megan said...

Been there done that! I just had mine taken out about a month ago! I hope she feels better! I know her pain!

Your little nub gets cuter every day!

Laura said...

Oh...I'm so sorry. She and Matt can compare notes. Matt his is gall bladder out a few months before E. was born. Horrible pain. We wish her well.

Mama Connie said...

Thank you all for your prayers...I'm recovering and will be good as new very soon.

Take care and keep responding to Kalli's blog.

She does a good job, doesn't she?

Cecilia said...

I'll add her to my prayers....poor Connie!

Your little nub is soooo cute!

cori said...

oh mama connie.

i feel your pain. there is nothing like that kind of pain. you are in my thoughts. and i think i love you a tad bit more, just because of the kind of mother you are to kalli. i love love mom's. there really is nothing like them.

kalli. i am thinking of you always and now your little man! you are beautiful!

Sue said...

Hope she is feeling much better.

McKelle said...

Hope you're mom is feeling better. I replied to your comment on my blog, but had to tell you here too that I totally agree about the underwear. You're not the only one. I made Morgan steal extra pairs before we left the hospital. Maybe some of those would help Connie feel better.

Random question, did your hospital fill a rubber glove with ice for you? Is that some sort of code or symbolism?