Sunday, March 16, 2008

Today's List

It's the Sabbath, and I rarely post on the Sabbath what with it being the weekend and me doing more important stuff and all. However, with my other half off fulfilling his churchly duties (I'm so proud), and with me having comandeered his laptop I find myself at an impasse. So yes, today I will blog.

Let's talk about the greatest things ever:

1. Costco was selling Mexican Coke on Saturday, I keed you not (Coke as in a-cola, not Columbian bam-bam for your nose). So even though we've (I've) been off caffiene for roughly 4.5 months now... we threw a case of that precious nectar in the cart. And it's so good. So, so, SO good. Real sugar makes the difference every time.

2. Gift cards left over from Christmas. Especially gift cards from a former employer that you had forgotten to use but re-discovered.

3. Pizza Delivery people

4. A clean house, finally

5. House Seasons 1-3 on DVD

6. Free Time

7. Going to the gym in the morning not in the evening when you're all tired and hate life.

8. My husband's ability to laugh it off when I'm acting like Kal-zilla. The hormones, they're killing me, and everyone else apparently.

9. Long (at least 20 minute), hot, solo showers. All by myself, no one to bother me, no hurry to be in, no where to go anytime soon.

10. Not going to Relief Society, not today (or last week, or the week before that)

11. DVR, amen.


Shar said...

Don't you know you could boil your baby in a hot shower? That's what I was told when I had my feet in a hot tub. After crazy lady said that, I just hopped all the way in and said, "I like 'em to come out well done!"

I didn't go to RS today either. It's kind of nice having a break from playing the piano in front of 50 peeps. (And not the easter ones covered in sugar, although, those sound REALLY good right now!)

I love DVR also, amen.

Where are the gift cards too? I might have to go with you and shop if I come up there this weekend. We'll do Costco and lunch. You bring the mexican cokes, and I'll bring the Costco card. Wait, I don't have one anymore. I guess you'll have to bring that too. I'll bring Bretters.

kkrich said...

can't wait to meet kal-zilla. and i am so glad you are making the most of your time off. said...

who needs rs anyway? i have successfully steered clear of it for the last few weeks as well; stake conf, daylight savings and cramps, all very valid excuses. don't you think?

come eat some gingersnaps please.

Laura said...

All excellent things on your list. Love the DVR, love the pizza, love a clean house.

Good job on taking a break from RS...gotta keep it real.

Brooke said...

i keep hearing about this coke with real sugar. i may need to make a trip to costco!

also, i always went in the hot tub during my pregnancies, too. there is nothing like it to feel relaxed. my midwife told me that as long as the water isn't over your normal body temp, you're okay... so, like, don't go over 99-100.

Brooke said...

i suddenly feel nervous for leaving that comment, so here's my disclaimer: talk to YOUR health care provider and don't take my word for it. after all, i wouldn't want something to go wrong and you to go all kal-zilla on me.

cori said...

found gift cards again are truly a gift, again. and dvr is the most ama-zing thing. how have i gotten along without it? i just don't know.

Sue said...

I love my DVR. Yesterday I went to Relief Society but skipped Sacrament Meeting and Sunday School. Every week I skip Sunday school because it makes me crazy. I LIKE Relief Society, does that make me weird?

My first pregnancy I was SO careful not to take a long hot bath, but by my third pregnancy I was like, EH, I'll take my chances. And the baby was FINE. At least so far.