Sunday, July 15, 2007


I guess it is not such a secret that I love Harry Potter. I personally cannot WAIT until next Saturday when (sadly) the last and final book comes out. Don't worry that I pre-ordered it months ago, as soon as it was announced. Yes I am 25 years old, and yes I love children's literature. Though, I don't know if Harry Potter can be classified as children's literature much anymore. It deals with some pretty dark themes. I was talking with my friend Val the other day and we agreed that the speculation on this last book is getting out of control. Does Harry die, does Voldemort die? All I know is this: someone definitely dies (what an ephipheny). I'm still emotionally scarred from the last book in which Dumbleydore (Dumbledore, apparently I have a pet name for him) bit the big one.
Hub and I went to see the 5th movie yesterday "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix". I love Ron, he just might be my new favorite character since Dumbledore is no longer in the picture. Or is he....???

July 21st people. Don't call me, I will be busy.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

why chubby girls shouldn't wear strapless dresses

This is not okay. I repeat, not okay.
I'm addicted to these two shows on the WE channel called "Platinum Weddings" and "Bridezillas". It is shocking to me, SHOCKING, the amount of women/brides who think it's okay for them to wear sleeveless and strapless dresses. Let me lay out the guidelines here (and this is simple really):

If you have "spillage" of any kind, whether it be flank fat, boobage, or arm chub, don't wear it!

It is that easy!!
you wouldn't catch me dead in a strapless dress for this very reason