Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ferdinand the Zit

I am using red for this post, because it is an angry color, kind of like the angry red zit that showed up on my forehead yesterday. Hub and I have decided to name him Ferdinand, like Ferdinand the Bull. So Angry, So RED, So Painful.

Apparently I have yet to outgrow the adolescent acne that has plagued me for oh so long. I've tried every product under the sun, Proactive, Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, etc. you name it, I've done it. The only thing that ever really helped me was seeing a dermatologist, but that gets expensive. And the one I like has esentially a 2 month wait before you can even schedule an appointment. It must be stressful being a popular zit popper in Provo Dr. Stone. I bet he makes bank off of all the BYU zoobies who still have high school skin, like myself. Prolonged adolescence at it's best. Go Cougs.

Hub couldn't even make eye contact with me yesterday, he was too busy staring at Ferdinand. It's kind of like looking at train wreck... you want to look away but the horror is too much. I tactfully styled my hair today in order to cover up Ferdie. And I applied every type of zit smallerizer I could find in my beauty arsenal. We'll see how it goes. All I know is he better be out of the picture by Friday, I have to go to an old friend's wedding and I am not showing up looking like Harry Potter.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Face only a Mother could Love

Hub sent me a text message the other day with this picture attached saying, "he's your dog".

Somehow he managed to dig a HOLE in the ground and get only his nose and front paws dirty. Way to go Gus, your talents are way beyond comprehension. Gus likes to chew on his rawhide bones at the side of our bed, so loudly that I swear it makes my teeth shake. Drives me crazy. His dog hair drives me crazy too. Yesterday I took him in for a bath and brush and there was a black lab in there getting shaved. What a novel ideal!! I told Hub about and he said, "I want to see what that looks like before we do it". Well we have to shave him first to see, der. I say do it. It will keep him much cooler, and it will keep my house much less hairy. This... is a win/win situation.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

While the cat is away...

Hub is on a camping/rafting trip on the Green River this week, leaving me alone for the next three days until I join him on Thursday. What. To. Do...

I think I do okay when he's gone, I hate it but I do okay. On the other hand, Hub won't even sleep in our bed when I'm gone. He prefers to sleep on the couch, with Gus (who subsequently thinks it's "okay" to sleep on the couch now. It definitely isn't "okay" with me). The longer he's away from me, the more needy he gets, the more phone calls I receive... and the vicious cycle continues. Though, I have to admit that he's insanely productive when he's left alone. Last time I went away for more than 2 days the whole basement got cleaned and my enture house got scrubbed from top to bottom. I thought about doing the same today, but then I decided it was Sunday and thus a day of rest. Maybe tomorrow...

Today is also Father's Day and I thought I'd take a sec to talk about mine. I am such a Daddy's girl. I always have been. My Dad, to me, is the epitome of everything a father should be. He was always there to rock me to sleep, he never got too mad when I drank all of his coke or snaked the last of his treat stash, he took me on Daddy/Daughter dates, he played countless games of HORSE with me, he took me fishing and camping, on pack trips and 4 wheeler excursions. In high school when I played sports, I waited until I saw him in the stands before I felt I could play well. He never forgot me on Valentine's Day, I always got flowers and chocolate. In college he slipped me $50's to make sure I was surviving, he tuned up my car too many times to count. When I moved to San Diego he called me twice a week and paid for my plane tickets home. On my wedding day, we both sobbed like babies and had a hard time passing that milestone. He's my daddy, and no matter what I'll always be his baby girl.
The tenderness is killing me...
Happy Father's Day Dad!! I love you!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Strawberry Frosted Mini Wheats

My new favorite snack. These are DELICIOUS. I first encountered them at my sister's house and went out and bought my very own box last night. I had them for breakfast, and I brought a whole bag to work to snack on as well. Needless to say that bag is gone. I think the commercials are retarded, but I'm going to eat them anyway. And they are full of fiber and whole wheat! Yay for fiber and whole wheat! I'm sure there's plenty of sugar in there too, but I would rather remain oblivious and not look. Go, buy yourselves a box. Journey with me to a world full of frosting and crunchlets and joy.