Thursday, April 19, 2007

Grass anyone?

Gus is a grass killer. There are large dead splotches of lawn in my miniscule backyard thanks to him. Dog pee, pee in general, is acidic. Thus deadly. Who knew?
I spent a good portion of my afternoon digging out the dead grass, and laying down new seed that will hopefully grow soon. It better, or we will be in big trouble with the landlords. The same landlords who recently found out we had a dog in the first place, thanks to our tattle tell neighbors. I am sending them hate thoughts as I type. We are not friends.
The beautiful thing about townhouses is that they are supposed to be low maintenence. No lawns to mow, no flowerbeds to weed, yada yada yada. Our yard connects to the other yards of the townhouses on our row, making it easy for the yard boys pedro and esteban to do their jobs. After my sod hacking escapade today, their job might not be so easy anymore. My bad. All I know, is that they better not mess with my grass seed...

Good news though: I GOT A JOB! More on this later.