Saturday, September 22, 2007

bRuNcH with ShAr

On this fine (rather cloudy and overcast) Saturday morn
Shar and I met for brunch
thus cementing our status
SuPeR Bloggers

You See:
Shar lives in New Mexico
and I live in Utah
and previous to this day
we had never met face to face
we were brought together by the
world of blogging

I was a little jealous because she showed up with a hot date

ladies and gents, I give you



probably one of the top 10
cutest babies in the world


Kneaders, as always, was delicious

I thoroughly enjoyed myself

and I hope Shar did too

because we promised to do it

everytime she come to Utah

which I hope is a lot

Click HERE to read all about Shar and the men in her life

oh and p.s. Shar, I made some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

just for you when I got home

come and get 'em!!


Kari Lynne said...

Hey Kalli, Did you know that Sharon is the wife of Spencer's best friend from HS. She is so cool. We hung out with them a couple of weeks ago and went out on the lake in their boat when we were down in NM. She is awesome. It's so funny what can happen in the world of blogging. I'm glad that you got to meet her. She is one of a kind as are you. Love ya!

Kalli Ko said...


I DID know the connection between us all. We had a good laugh over it when we had brunch on Saturday. And I saw your boating pictures, it looks like you all had an awesome time!
So much fun this blogging stuff...

Shar-bear said...

P.S. I feel SO cool to be "featured" on your blog.

And yes, we've TOTALLY reached superblogger status.

Shar said...

So, this referral page was in my sitemeter and I'm DYING that this was almost 5 years ago.

You're the bomb and so glad we're friends!