Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I Miss my Hair

...This is it now, please don't mind the red eyes or the brown children (they are the kiddies I used to nanny).
This is what it used to look like...
(that is my hiney, and that of my huzzy)
A couple of months ago, I did what I have been debating doing for a long time now. I cut off all my luscious locks (okay like 5 inches). They are gone, gone, gone, and I miss those extra inches

I miss my hair. Long hair makes you feel sexy, at least that's what it did for me. I think I attributed a large part of my hotness factor to my long hair, and now that it's gone I don't know what to do with myself. My mojo is gone. I can only hope that it grows back soon, and these disasterly bangs grow out even sooner. Come back hair, come back. I need you in these desperate times. I have had hair of all lengths and by far, short hair is the easiest, but long hair is the most attractive. Maybe it's the Cher factor. The only reason Cher was ever hot was becuase she had great hair. I hope that my hair isn't the only reason I was ever hot. This could be more of a problem than I thought it was...


kari said...

truly a travesty of missing hair. why do married ladies feel the need to chop their locks as I as well as others have so done? Is it to 'get-back' at our new hubbies for taking our sweet chastity? no. we willingly gave that. i think its a freedom issue, striving to feel independent again as if saying "look what I can do, so there!"

simplyjulz said...

I miss your face. When I was attracted to you, it wasn't so much your hair as it was your face, and the way you sprinkled the word poo nanny all over your conversations. And now a haiku:
hair falls down like rain
jealous scissors cut ego
hottness still prevails

Kalli K. V. said...

your poetry makes me cry,
tears of joy